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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 20 Recap

Banhua did not derogate and boasted, so that the emperor would also follow Kua Shi Chonghai. Shi’s family was forced to buy roast chicken out of his own pocket for the victims to eat. They all praise Banhua’s powerful trick. Shi Chonghai knew that Zhao Zhouguan’s son liked to eat chicken, he took out the portrait of Zhao Shunzi and asked his subordinates to kill Zhao Shunzi before the emperor came down to investigate him. Ban Heng took Zhao Shunzi to eat chicken, but learned that all the chickens in Beijing had been bought by the Shi family. Not only that, Shi Feixian played the piano with several other noble girls in the capital, and everyone admired her for her actions, even her face praised her.

The victims all went to Shijia to eat roast chicken. There was no one in the porridge shed at Ban’s house, and Banhua didn’t care. She just wanted to provide relief, and there was no need to get angry with Shi Feixian. Ban Heng and Zhao Shunzi, who had not eaten the roast chicken, saw Shi’s roast chicken, and their saliva flowed, but for the sake of Ban Hua, they resisted not eating. When passing by Xie’s shed, Ban Heng took a few bites and turned around and disappeared from Zhao Shunzi. Zhao Shunzi was greedy for roasting chicken, and went to the Shi’s shed to fetch chickens. Shi Feixian saw that he was a child and asked him to take a few.

People from the Shi family also saw Zhao Shunzi and took the opportunity to take him to the Shijia Shantang. Du Jiu and Wang Qu checked the data and found that Zhao Shunzi was the son of the official Zhao Zhou. They hurriedly told Ban Xu and Rong Xia about the matter. Ban Heng also came to inform Zhao Shunzi that he was missing. He found out that the children orphans were sent to Shijiashantang for placement. They went to the Shijiashantang. Shi Jin was fighting with the children. After learning that Shi Jin really wanted to help the children, Banhua knew that he had misunderstood him. Rong Xia saw the Shijia steward’s face in the house and noticed something was wrong, and asked Ban Hua to take Shunzi home.

Shi Chonghai felt that Zhao Shunzi had been in the Ban Mansion for more than half a month, and they had not impeached themselves for a long time, perhaps because they did not know the existence of the blood book. Rong Xia asked Xiao Shunzi a few questions, but Xiao Shunzi didn’t seem to know about the blood book. Ban Hua deliberately wanted to guard Ban’s house like her grandmother. She only blamed herself for not doing well enough. Rong Xia comforted her and said that she had done well enough to be able to be alone in many cases. That night, Ban Huai had a dream, dreaming that his father had an accident, and the next day he asked about Ban Huai’s whereabouts.

The emperor intended Ban Huai to assume the post of Minister of the Left, and Ban Huai knew that he had little knowledge and did not dare to take on this important task. The emperor immediately asked Uncle Xie if he was willing. Unexpectedly, Ban Huai was unwilling to hear it. He immediately changed his words and said that he was willing to be the leftist. The two quarreled endlessly. The emperor asked others for their opinions, but they could not give any opinions. The emperor simply put the matter on hold. As Xie Chongjin expected, the emperor changed Jiang Luo’s view and asked him to study with him. Jiang Luo was very happy, but he did not want Ban Huai to be the leftist. Xie Zhongjin asserted that he could not be the leftist.

Xie Chongjin explained that when the snipe and the clam are fighting, some people even want to get rid of Banhuai, so they can take advantage of the fisherman. To avoid accidents, Ban Hua kept his father at home until summer. Ban Huai was not so obedient and obedient. Ban Huai went to set up guards in the Fuzhong, and Ban Huai ran out on his back. Ban Heng and Ban Hua were looking for people everywhere. When Ban Hua heard the vendor yelling mung bean cake, she immediately realized that her father had an accident today. Seeing that they were similar in shape to his father, the siblings chased after him. Ban Huai ran away and was stopped. He was able to dodge the flower pot, but he still fell fainted. Later, Rong Xia and Ban Hua found the perpetrator.

Rong Xia’s idiom, the other party said that Shi Feixian asked him to do this, and he still had Shi Feixian’s boy pearl as a token of his token. Ban Hua wanted to break into the stone mansion and make this matter a big deal. She had a sense of measure and thought, and she asked her to let her go and solve the rest by herself. Banhua told Shi Chonghai that Banhua had been assassinated. Shi Feixian was the perpetrator. Soon Rong Xia brought the people from Dali Temple to help Banhua.

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