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Yuan Qing Ling

Yuan Qing Ling (Novel)
Other Name: 元卿凌

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: June
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Dr. Wang Tiancai, who passes through the abandoned concubine of Cheng Chu. She followed the severely ill and treated the wounded with medical ethics, but was almost sent to jail. The Supreme Emperor is critically ill. She tried to treat her, but was misunderstood and reprimanded by the hateful Poison King. Is it really hard for a good person to do it? This man gave her all the trouble, and the most unbearable thing was that he would marry a side concubine to disgust her! The Poison King said coldly: “Why can you make this king hate you? This king just hates you, and I feel sick at the first glance.” Yuan Qingling smiled and said: “Why don’t I dislike the prince? Everyone is a gentleman, don’t want to tear your face.” The Poison King sneered: “Don’t think that if you are pregnant with this king’s child, this king will recognize you as the princess, drink this bowl of medicine, this king will….

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The carriage went straight into the palace gate under the leadership of Yu Wenhao. Yuan Qingling is not at all curious about the palace now, only sees a deep palace road and mottled red brick palace walls from the slightly raised curtain.

Can’t look into the distance. Only occasionally, tall pavilions come into view, resplendent and magnificent. The glazed tile roof touched the sunlight.

The carriage stopped, Yuan Qingling took a deep breath and was helped by the green bud to get off the carriage.

The sun shines on the vermilion palace wall, and the golden glazed tiles in the distance reflect the dazzling light. She is like a ghost who cannot see the light, subconsciously reaching out to block the sun.

Yu Wenhao also got off the horse, and the carriage and horses were tied here, and continued on.

Arrived outside the Xiaoyun Hall. Lu Ya whispered, “Princess, servants are not allowed to go in, please leave.”

Yuan Qingling knew that Xiaoyun Hall was the palace where the Supreme Emperor lived. Outside, full of slaves and servants from various provinces, she took a deep breath. Follow Yu Wenhao in step by step.

Passing by the lush yard. Entering the main hall, there are many people in the main hall. Yuan Qingling took a look. All of them have luxurious clothes and sad faces.

these people. She mostly recognizes it, depending on the memory of the original owner.

Wearing cyan satin clothes. With a solemn expression on his face is Ji Wangyuwenjun, the eldest son of Emperor Ming Yuan. He was 30 years old. He was born to Concubine Qin and married Mahou’s concubine. Ma and Concubine Qin are now by his side with a pair. baby.

Wei Wangyuwenwei, Sun Wangyuwendu, Zhou Wangyuwenan were all there, and they all brought the princess and their children into the palace.

The princes only nodded slightly, did not talk, and the atmosphere was very calm.

Yuan Qingling felt that Yu Wenhao beside her suddenly tightened, and her eyes shifted, making her whole person very stiff and uncomfortable.

Yuan Qingling looked at the door and saw a couple coming in.

The man was about ten years old, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, Yushu facing the wind, tall and straight, and his white brocade looked extraordinary.

He held the woman next to him tightly with his hand, she wore a cloud updo with a little emerald butterfly hairpin, and she was wearing an ice lake blue cloud-feet dress with pomegranate flower satin, and she wore a pair of moire curls on her feet. Pearl satin shoes.

Her face was like a hibiscus, and the pair of red coral ears on her earlobes swayed with her footsteps, making her brows charming and graceful.

As soon as she walked in, she felt that the women in the house were all vulgar fans.

The memory remaining in Yuan Qingling’s mind told her that these two were Qi Wangyuwenqing and Qi Wangfei Chu Mingcui.

Chu Mingcui, who is Chu Wang Yuwenhao’s favorite, a year ago after Yu Wenhao married Yuan Qingling, she married Qi Wang as his concubine.

After she entered the door, her eyes met Yu Wenhao, three points clear, three points calm, three points charming, but one point was hidden.

Yu Wenhao’s whole body was tight, breathing quickly, and his eyes moved away with difficulty, sweeping across Yuan Qingling’s face, with resentment and resentment.

Yuan Qingling lowered her eyes slowly.

No one noticed this momentary event, even King Qi did not notice. After he nodded to the concubines and princes, he stood aside and looked at the curtain of the inner hall.

Yuan Qingling began to feel dizzy. She tried to stabilize her mind, but when a dizziness struck, she subconsciously took Yu Wenhao’s hand, and Yu Wenhao threw her away without thinking. She staggered, struggling to stabilize, but It was extremely embarrassing.

Many people’s gaze swept across her face, it was a kind of presumptuous and contemptuous glance.

One hand gently supported her, and the smell of agarwood scented towards her head and head, accompanied by a soft and intoxicating voice, “Are you okay? Are you unwell?”

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