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Vacation of Love 假日暖洋洋 Episode 8 Recap

In the hospital, Dong Yanping felt guilty, but Chen Linchun didn’t mean to blame him at all. The doctor examined Mrs. Chen, but fortunately, there was no serious problem. The whole family was relieved. In the evening, Wen Ruonan applied makeup to herself in the bathroom, her immature face painted like a small cat. Zhou Tong taught her to use makeup remover to help her remove her makeup. For the first time, the two people got along peacefully.

In the hotel room, Jiang Hai persuaded Lao Wen to spend more time with his daughter. Speaking of the public controversy about his receiving red envelopes, Jiang Hai persuaded him to deal with and clarify, but Old Wen was not concerned. In the ward, everyone surrounded Mrs. Chen and asked for warmth. Dong Yanping was afraid that Mrs. Chen would not want to see her again, and stood alone waiting outside the door. Mrs. Chen called Dong Yanping into the room, and the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law finally opened up and chatted once.

It turned out that when Dong Yanping heard the old lady Chen say in front of the second son’s spiritual position, “Why did you go this way?”, thinking that the old lady was eccentric to such a degree, suspicions arose in her heart. At midnight, Song Xiaoke asked Chen Binbin to go back to sleep and watch the night by himself. Chen Linchun worried that Dong Yanping would be scolded by the old lady, but Dong Yanping told him that some words would actually be let go.

Chen Linchun was very pleased. Xu Yi and Tang Xuan were on the phone. Speaking of Hou Hao, Xu Yi found that he was more and more inseparable from him and enjoyed the time with him more and more. Zhou Tong couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, and was smoked by the smell of Wen Ruonan’s sneakers. She pinched her nose and threw Wen Ruonan’s sneakers onto the balcony.

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