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Unwholesome Desire

Unwholesome desire
Other Name: 불건전한 욕망

Genre: Novel, Romance
Author: Addis
Year: 2020
Chapter: 92
Note: This story is suitable for 15 years old+


“I’m not your child.”

She ran away from her beloved man, but was caught in four months.

The gaze of the man I met after a long time reached over the woman’s belly, which was swollen.

“I have a husband. I started a family.”

The woman shrugged. He covered the belly with his hand and lied that the child in the boat was not his child.

He was the guardian’s grandson. The two were not supposed to be together, and this pregnancy was due to unhealthy desires.

That’s why I wanted to take the secret about the child’s father to the grave… … .

“I do not care.”

The man’s obsession did not end even though he was pregnant with someone else’s baby.

“The second time I will have my child.”

Rather, she began to imprison her with a stronger desire for possession.

“So you accept me too. If you don’t want to hear the cuckoo raising a child in another’s nest.”

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