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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 38 End Recap

Wang Yongzheng said that he always had a dream. The sun shined through the window into the room. Nan Sun was reading on the sofa, but whenever he wanted to get close to Nan Sun, she would suddenly disappear. He was very scared, Nan Sun said After a few days, let Wang Yongzheng see something, and the two finally reconcile.

Jingyan wants to open a board of directors, and Ye Jinyan is going to submit a resignation report on the board. He asked Fan Jingang about his plan, and Fan Jingyan decided to go with Ye Jinyan. People on the board took Wang Yongzheng to talk about things, saying that the company cherishes talents, but talents should also create wealth for the company. Ye Jinyan said that the library project is signed by him personally and has nothing to do with others. He takes the responsibility on himself. It was also said that Ye Jinyan was a bit too selfish in dealing with Zhu Suosuo, leading to rumors outside.

Ye Jinyan bluntly said that this was his own problem, so he wanted to take the blame and resign. The people on the board were very surprised and asked him to withdraw his resignation report. Ye Jinyan insisted on resigning, and was still maintaining the lock. Ye Jinyan asked Dai Qian to stay and hold his shares, so that Dai Qian could also have a place on the board of directors. Dai Qian thanked him for his trust. Wang Yongzheng said that his library plan was rejected by the board of directors, and he did not want to stay. Here, I want to follow Ye Jinyan, but Ye Jinyan may not realize most of his ideals. Let Wang Yongzheng think about whether to go or stay.

Yang Ke tells everyone that Ye Jinyan is leaving Jingyan. Now their time is coming. The absence of a veteran opponent is good news for them. Now that Jingyan has changed, they will also change accordingly. Yang Ke asked Nansun and Li Ang to make plans. Li Ang asked if Wang Yongzheng had followed Ye Jinyan. Yang Ke said that he had stayed at Jingyan and Dai Qian is now directly in charge of his department.

Ye Jinyan made an appointment with Xie Hongzu. Xie Hongzu thanked Ye Jinyan on behalf of his mother. Ye Jinyan said that he would stay in the Xie family and take him well in the past three years. Tang Xin and Dai Qian drank coffee. They sighed that they hadn’t seen each other for a long time, but their opponents in the past were not forgiving when they spoke. Dai Qian said that both companies are lacking and they can cooperate. Dai Qian said of Yang. For the project that Ke Company has not been able to win, Yang Ke’s qualifications have not been optimistic. It is better and Jing Yan to cooperate with other companies.

Tang Xin went back to tell Yang Ke this proposal. Nan Sun analyzed that they had always regarded Jingyan and Ye Jinyan as imaginary enemies, but Jingyan did not think so. What she learned here is to justify the matter. Since this project is theirs If you want to take it but can’t take it, Jing Yan throws out the olive branch again. Then you can negotiate the terms. Yang Ke and Tang Xin think it makes sense. Yang Ke asks Nansun and Li Ang to plan and understand the project. Ke was very pleased.

Suo Suo told Xie Hongzu that now that the company’s affairs are almost resolved, it is time to talk about the two of them. Xie Hongzu knew that Suo Suo still wanted to divorce. Suo Suo said that she had no way to assume that nothing had happened. Now that a series of things have happened, Xie Jiayin will not change her opinion. Xie Hongzu apologized to Suo Suo, and gave him three years, Suo Suo said later things later.

Namsun watched mother’s wedding video on her mobile phone. Grandma came over and asked. Namsun said it was a friend’s wedding. Namsun asked if grandma still hates her mother. Grandma said that mother Namsun left Namsun for herself and she should thank you She, Nan Sun tentatively asked if her mother remarried, would grandma bless her.

Grandma realized that the video Nan Sun was watching just now was her mother’s wedding, and she wished Nan Sun mother happiness. Xie Hongzu asked Suo Suo Xie Jiayin to see the child. Suo Suo smiled and said that he could marry Suo Suo anytime. Xie Hongzu said that after three years, Suo Suo would marry Suo Suo and let Suo Suo believe him. The two of them said goodbye, and they were already crying.

Nansun took Wang Yongzheng to the construction site. The basement was very dark. However, Nansun said she had been here many times and was very familiar with it. Speaking of her special ideas in this project, Wang Yongzheng saw that there was a cave in the basement. Wang Yongzheng was very touched by a small library. He asked Nan Sun how he persuaded Tang Xin and Yang Ke. Nan Sun said that they named her to be responsible for the project.

The operation of the underground library is not difficult and does not affect the budget. Persevere, they passed. Nan Sun said that they were all from the genius and would be influenced by Ye Jinyan. Moreover, this is a meaningful thing. Wang Yongzheng said that Nan Sun is still that simple and kind girl. Nothing changed, but Nan Sun said that she had become stronger, and the two embraced, and Wang Yongzheng said that he would never let go.

Shusuo started selling the house again. When Xiaohe came over, it turned out that Xiaohe happened to buy a house. When asked about Xie Hongzu, Xiaohe said that he had learned a lot from Ye Jinyan. Nansun mortgaged and bought a small house and moved in with her grandmother and Suo Suo and her daughter. At the end of the story, Nan Sun said that he lived in this house with his grandmother and Huozuo’s mother and daughter for five years and ten months, until Huozuo decided to take the children to Beijing.

Two years later, Ye Jinyan successfully brought Xie out of the crisis, returned the company to Xie Hongzu, and started his own business again. She, Wang Yongzheng and Fan Jingang became start-up employees, and the aunt returned to Italy.

Tang Xin and Yang Ke’s companies are listed, Zhang Anren and Yuan Yuan are still going around, hoping for a better life, Daluo was reported embezzled public funds and imprisoned for sexual harassment, good and evil are reported, like a shadow, the years flow for money, friends Although they have gone far, they have never separated. Sooner or later, they will meet each other.

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