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My Little Happiness 我的小確幸 Episode 20 Recap

Wen Rang took a taxi to send Zhou Chengcheng home. Zhou Chengcheng kissed Wen Rang with a drink, but Wen Rang did not refuse. After Zhou Chengcheng woke up, he found himself lying on Cong Rong’s lap. Cong Rong asked her why she was drinking, saying that she had never seen her drunk before. Zhou Chengcheng’s eyes were red.

She told Cong Rong that she had a dream of kissing Wen Rang, but Wen Rang’s Xiao Jiang came back, and she knew that it was impossible. Zhou Chengcheng envied Cong Rong and Wen Shaoqing, saying that not everyone can find someone who loves each other. The more she talked about it, the more sad she became, and then fell asleep.

Cong Rong heard Zhou Chengcheng’s words and felt a little bit. She hurriedly called Wen Shaoqing, which was answered by Zhong Zhen. Zhong Zhen told Cong Rong that Wen Shaoqing was infected with complications due to a cut, and was particularly serious when he was on a ventilator. Cong Rong hurried to the hospital in a panic when she heard that, she was extremely worried.

After arriving at the hospital, Qin Chu and Zhong Zhen tricked Cong Rong together and said that Wen Shaoqing’s condition was very serious. Cong Rong looked at Wen Shaoqing lying on the bed and held his hand tightly. She regretted that she should not be angry with Wen Shaoqing. Wen Shaoqing heard Cong Rong crying, and got up quickly, only Cong Rong knew that he had been fooled. Wen Shaoqing said that because Cong Rong didn’t answer the phone, he only thought of this trick. He coaxed Cong Rong, hugged her and threw herself on top of him, then kissed.

Cong Rong reconciled with Wen Shaoqing, Zhong Zhen returned the last bank card to Cong Rong. Cong Rong asked him if he had stolen it, and Zhong Zhen readily admitted. Cong Rong only knew that Wen Shaoqing had fallen a lot to accompany her on a bike ride for the New Year’s Eve. She was happy in her heart. When she went back, she asked Wen Shaoqing to ride a bike to express their love loudly. The two talked and laughed.

The two made an appointment to eat together. Cong Rong finished the meal and knocked on the door, but Wen Shaoqing never opened the door. Cong Rong had to open the door by himself, only to see Wen Shaoqing just coming out of the shower, his hair was slightly drenched, and his upper body was naked. Wen Shaoqing deliberately seduced Cong Rong, holding Cong Rong from behind while holding the clothes, and asked her if she wanted it. Cong Rong was startled, thinking that Wen Shaoqing was going to drive. Wen Shaoqing said that he did not want the two to be angry until the next day. He hoped that Cong Rong would be angry later and rushed into the door to ask him, so that he could coax Cong Rong to be happy, and would not change the door password. Together.

Zhou Chengcheng accidentally stumbled and made a noise. Cong Rong and Wen Shaoqing were sad and worried for her when they saw her strong smile. Cong Rong hoped that Wen Rang would not appear in front of Zhou Chengcheng, and Wen Shaoqing said that he would find time to chat with Wen Rang.

Wen Shaoqing and Chen Tu performed several consecutive operations, and there were four super patients in need of treatment. Chen Tu said that he was too tired, and Zhong Zhen was very afraid of the patient in bed No. 3 because his family members were too tough, not to say that the nutrition injection was cheating money. Chen Tu knows that these family members are difficult to serve, but patients must be given nutritional injections, otherwise they are prone to postoperative infections.

Cong Rong took the scarf gift box and returned it to Shangguan, and handed the preliminary information on the online loan case to Shangguan. Shangguan regretted, thinking it was just a scarf. Shangguan and Cong Rong approached the victim Xiao Zhang for questioning. As the court was approaching, Xiao Zhang was very nervous and worried that the lawsuit would lose. Cong Rong enlightened Xiao Zhang to trust a lawyer like Shangguan, Shangguan has a lot of experience. Xiao Zhang expects that Cong Rong can participate in the trial. The intern is not suitable, but the Shangguan still wants to arrange for Cong Rong to appear in court. Cong Rong is very happy.

Shangguan was moved by Cong Rong, but Cong Rong refused. He didn’t know whether to insist or to let go. Wen Shaoqing wanted to celebrate with Cong Rong, and Zhong Zhen and other interns clamored to eat in the air. On the road, Zhong Zhen and the intern met the family of Patient No. 3, and the family members beat others without saying a word, saying that Zhong Zhen and the others were liars.

Wen Shaoqing rushed over and saw Zhong Zhen’s head hurt and bleeding, and he had a few arguments with his family, but the other party continued to beat people and went directly to the police station. Wen Shaoqing also injured his hand. Cong Rong hurried to the police station and brought Wen Shaoqing and others out after paying the fine.

Wen Shaoqing liked Zhong Zhen very much. He said that Zhong Zhen studied medicine because of the death of Grandma Cong Rong. Wen Shaoqing said that he studied medicine because his parents studied abroad all the year round, and his grandfather brought him up. Although his grandfather was a Chinese medicine doctor, Wen Shaoqing had read a lot of medical books since he was a child, and he also knew that he had been suffering from medicine. If he could choose, he probably wouldn’t want to study medicine.

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