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My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia (Anime)
Other Name: Boku no Hero Academia, 僕のヒーローアカデミア

Genres: Anime, Adventure fiction, Fantasy, Superhero fiction, Comedy, Science Fiction

Kenji Nagasaki
Hulu, dTV, U-NEXT, Hikari TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
 March 27, 2021
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A world where humans with supernatural abilities “individuality” are commonplace. Izuku Midoriya, a boy with “individuality” who met the longed-for No. 1 hero All Might, commonly known as “Deku”, was found to have the hero’s qualities hidden in it, and “individuality” one from All Might. Inherited for all. Deku enrolled in the prestigious Yuei High School, which produces heroes, and spent every day working hard with classmates in Group A of the 1st grade of the hero department, aiming to become a “hero” who can save society and people with “individuality”. ..

Obtained a “Professional Hero Provisional License” and worked as a professional hero intern. An encounter with a girl, Eri, and a young head overhaul of “Death Hachisaikai,” which uses that Eri for a terrifying plan, and a death battle to save Eri. A cultural festival to make Eri and all the male and English students smile. Announcement of new hero rankings … Deku continues to grow steadily in the hectic days. On the other hand, led by Kisuke ShizukaenemyVillanThe coalition was also accumulating that power.
Deku’s next challenge to become the “best hero” is a battle against Group B, who also aims to become a hero, with mutual pride! The students are motivated by the direct confrontation since the athletic festival. Meanwhile, a new “something” was about to awaken in Deku.

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