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Always Have, Always Will 原来时光都记得 Episode 9 Recap

There was a rumor that Fang Li and Luo Yan fell in love. The client was called by Teacher Jiang to inquire, but Luo Yan didn’t explain much. Fang Li jumped three feet high, as if the rumor had been confirmed. After being trained by Teacher Jiang and returning to the classroom, Fang Li valued the point of crossing the line very much. However, Luo Yan was still inexcitable. The more she said he would have to over the line. Finally, Fang Li was annoyed and moved the table directly to the first row, forming an innocent diagonal distance with Luo Yan at the back.

Feifei urged Fang Li to go to the basketball game. She was late again. When she was exhausted, she found Luo Yan and Shi Xu were there. Feifei also found the dolphin pendant on her backpack. Her mind was blank and she explained that she was faltering. After that, the four of them went to the cafeteria together. They said nothing about Su Qiyang, and Feifei ran away with Shi Xu. There was only Fang Li who didn’t know what to do to ease the embarrassment. I only knew about eating for a while, and I really choked myself. Luo Yan wanted to scare her back with a question. This was a big joke, but it was very useful to treat hiccups.

The two got along more and more naturally. That day Luo Yan came to Fang Li as usual, but suddenly learned that his father was looking for him, his expression changed from seeing Fang Li’s joy to indifference. When Fang Li found Luo Yan again, she was already a drunk idiot, howling at a barber shop owner on the phone, because the boss did not open the door, Luo Yan felt he was abandoned. Fang Li had no choice but to coax him home to cut him. He took care of his hair, and he was looking for ingredients to make a bowl of plain noodles. The green vegetation she sent to Luo Yan was well taken care of and protected. Fang Li watched Luo Yan fall asleep before she quietly left.

As soon as he closed the door and turned to meet Luo’s father, the two went to a coffee shop together. Fang Li learned that Luo Yan was attending his younger brother’s birthday party today. It may be that he did not integrate with the reorganized family, so he left midway. Normally, their father and son seldom speak, but Luo’s father is very happy to see his classmates getting close to Luo Yan. He gave Luo Yan’s wallet to Fang Li and asked him to pass it on. In the end, Fang Li took the liberty to ask Luo Yan’s amnesia. He didn’t expect that Luo’s father didn’t know the specifics. He only knew that Luo Yan had fought with people before and after the transfer, and there were no witnesses but only one injury.

Luo Yan’s wallet was accidentally discovered by Feifei, and the next question was even more serious. Fang Li went to Luo Yan’s house and met with Luo’s father. Fang Li who asked, covered her face. She might like Luo Yan. But in case someone didn’t mean it, wouldn’t it be as embarrassing as what happened to Su Qiyang last time. When they saw Luo Yan returning the wallet to him again, the two of them looked at the phone and looked into the glass mirror to take care of themselves. Luo Yan noticed that Fang Li’s lipstick was applied crooked, so he reached out and wiped it off for her. Fang Li was stunned by the touch of small details.

Looking back, she went to ask Feifei to find out Luo Yan’s motives, so she had an idea that was immediately put into practice. The next day Fang Li received a bouquet from the mysterious boy and a phone call from the mysterious boy. Everyone thought this was a suitor of Fang Li. Even Shi Xu agreed, so he brought the news to Luo Yan. As expected, he sat opposite Fang Li while eating, and asked who the mysterious suitor was. After Feifei’s cheering and Fang Li’s clumsy acting skills, Luo Yan Yan has his own judgment.

This mysterious suitor has successfully attracted Luo Yan’s attention. The next step is to add materials, so Feifei taught her to post to Moments, use all the sensational words, and took a photo with the headless model. . When the news came to Luoyan, compared with Shi Xu’s circle of friends, he was deliberately grouped to see this circle of friends, and Fang Li was stimulating him intentionally or unintentionally. What does this mean, Fang Li likes Luo Yan? Shi Xu inquired about the mysterious returnee pursuer through Feifei’s side-knack, and summed up one thing. At this time, he will wait for when he does not move.

Shi Xu gave Fang Li and Luo Yan a concert ticket. However, before this date, Luo Yan sat in his father’s car after a phone call, and suddenly learned that his mother was going back to China to see him. Unbearable joy. Fang Li had been waiting for Luo Yan at the concert, and Luo Yan was waiting for his mother here, who knew it was another phone call, and the plane returned for some reason, his joy disappeared very quickly. Two people are lost in two places. If they give people hope, why should they break it with their hands? Then why do they give people hope?

Later, when I asked Luo Yan, he didn’t explain too much about what happened that day, which made Fang Li mistakenly believe that the medicine was not strong enough to stimulate Luo Yan to take further action. If you don’t get into the tiger’s lair, you’ll be a tiger. This time I’m afraid Feifei will have to pretend to be her senior. She will go to Luo Yan and ask how the senior should respond to her confession. However, this incident not only did not stimulate Luo. Yan told her to go further, but the relationship between the two became even more alienated.

Shi Xu made an appointment with Feifei to skate, Luo Yan and Fang Li met again when they were discussing who to teach whom to skating. Senior Sheng Ze suddenly appeared. This was also a few of their high school classmates, but Luo Yan didn’t remember it. The boy who wanted to teach Fang Li to skate, Luo Yan intuitively felt that he was not good.

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