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Magic Orphee Wandering Tour Kimrak

Magic Orphee Wandering Tour Kimrak (Anime)
Other Name: 魔術士歐菲流浪之旅 基姆拉克篇

Genres: Anime
Takayuki Hamana
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The strongest magician, come again. – “If you want to make a break with me, come to Kimrak.” Under the guidance of the words left by the righteous sister Asari, Oufei and others went to Kimrak, which was extremely opposed to the magician. Suddenly they heard the scream and rushed to the scene. They encountered Mei Chen, a female swordsman who was fighting the enemy courageously, in the mountain of corpses. Ofi assisted her and asked her to lead herself to Kimrak in exchange. Oufei and others wiped out the enemy and finally arrived at Kimrak. What was waiting in front of them were the “Death Teachers” who were headed by Kuo, who performed the assassination work of magicians. What is “The Truth of Angels and Demons” that Ofi finally arrived? What is Ashali’s real intention to bring him here? The growth story with various thoughts intertwined starts!

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