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Ming Palace

Ming Palace (Novel)
Other Name: 大明宫廷, Daming Palace

Genre: novel, history
Author: Zi Chai Hen
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Liu Peng is only fourteen this year, but he is more mature than many people of the same age, and he can handle things easily in the officialdom. The Liu family has always placed the hopes of glorious lintels on Liu Peng, but he knows how difficult it is to obtain fame and fame. For the ordinary servant family, this is a mirrored fantasy. In order to rise to the ground early and to relieve the burden of the family, Liu Peng became a small servant in the government.

Free Reading Highlights:
Although Huang Taiji did not want to have too much contact between Azige and Liu Peng, it was not up to him to decide in many cases.

Just as Jiang Haotian was very dissatisfied with the relationship between Liu Peng and Abahai, but he had to acquiesce in this fact and even prepared to use it for profit, and the look on Liu Peng’s face was very secretive: “Although Azige is here , But I really don’t know how to deal with him!”

For Azig, he also faced the same problem. The problems he encountered far exceeded those of Liu Peng ten or a hundred times.

Now Azig was holding an ordinary letter in his hand, and this letter made Azig more and more headache.

This letter was not written to him by Abahai or Liu Peng, and it is also a very ordinary greeting letter. The only problem is that the identity of the writer is extremely sensitive. It is not someone else, but the identity is as embarrassing as him. Even Haugbeler was embarrassed.

In theory, even if Hauge Baylor is not the prince of the Golden State, he is the first heir in theory, and Hauge is also a real powerful faction within the two yellow flags, but

Due to the loss of his mother to the Haibei thief, Huang Taiji does not mention Lihaoge as his heir.

And Hauge seems to be arrogant and self-defeating. On the one hand, he publicly called out the name “Mingguo Ama”, on the other hand he desperately tried to claim power within the two yellow flags.

But the more so, the less Huang Taiji dared to abolish Hauge’s theoretical heir position, but Hauge got further and further away from Khan’s position.

It is now that even if Huang Taiji is willing to make Hauge the crown prince, other Baylor and Taiji are not willing to become such an unclear figure to become a great sweat in the Kingdom of Dajin.

However, although the three Aziger brothers share the same unspeakable concealment as Hauge, they did not have direct contact in the past to avoid suspicion.

But now Hauge is taking great risks. Although writing a letter to Aziger, it is of great significance. Aziger naturally understands that Hauge’s actions have a special meaning. After all, if such a letter falls on a caring person The hands may cause shocking waves.

But now Haoge has written such a letter without hesitation, naturally sending a special signal to the Azig brothers and the dozens of cattle records in their hands.

Thinking of this, Aziger couldn’t help but sighed: “Is the ship of the Great Golden Kingdom really going to sink?”

With the rumbling of artillery outside Haizhou, Haibei Town has won one victory after another. Although Dajin Kingdom’s defense in Haizhou has been exhausted, Haibei Town is after all Haibei Town. The two red flags have been defeated since the war began. The heavy damage in Haibei Town, especially Zhenghongqi, who had only half his life left, was the true protagonist of the tragedy.

It can even be said that if we continue to fight like this, I am afraid that the red flag will be saved in less than ten days, and the two white flag soldiers under the command of Azig have also suffered certain losses.

However, the Haibei Army can be regarded as a page on the Internet, but if Haibei Town turns its muzzle and directs its main fire at the two white flags, the outcome will probably be unthinkable.

“It looks like it’s really going to be called Ama, a declaration country!”

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