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Xu Xiake Mountain and River Unknown

Xu Xiake Mountain and River Unknown (Novel)
Other Name: 徐霞客山河异志

Genre: novel, history
Author: Tea Xian
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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It is said that Xu Zhenzhi has walked many places on foot, and his meticulously written “Xu Xiake’s Travels” is widely circulated. Xu Zhenzhi in history is not a thin literati like people think, he is actually a strong and agile explorer.

Free Reading Highlights:
It is said that Xu Zhenzhi has walked many places on foot, and his meticulously written “Xu Xiake’s Travels” is widely circulated. Xu Zhenzhi in history is not a thin literati like people think, he is actually a strong and agile explorer.

He has walked through tens of thousands of waters alone, and he has also seen many stunning views that make people linger. He recorded all of what he saw and heard in the book, which has been passed down to this day, but he didn’t know that there was an unknown secret behind this incident.

Thousands of households were eager to make two sentences, and suddenly frowned, their ears moved several times, trying to distinguish the sound from the distance.

The guards only thought that another hare came to the door, and they all said with joy: “My lord will shoot more soon, this one is not enough to stuff your teeth…”

“Don’t make any noise!” Qianhu fell on the ground and listened, his face suddenly changed color, “No, there are outsiders rushing into the tomb!”

“What?” The guards were suddenly alert, “Where are the people?”

“Stele Pavilion!”

Before the voice was over, Qian Hu ran out with his feet up. Those who can be selected into Xiaolingwei are all first-class players. Therefore, although the incident happened suddenly, none of the guards panicked, each with their swords, and followed behind the thousand households.

In a blink of an eye, the group arrived at the Sifang Beiting Pavilion. The thousand households raised their hands and pointed, and commanded: “The torch is shining, and the culprits are hiding on the monument of the gods and virtues!”

All the guards raised their torches according to Yan, and saw a person standing on the top of the huge monument several feet high.

The man was covered in a black canopy, carrying a short ruler with no branches, looked down, and then turned his gaze to Qianhu: “I have heard that Xiaolingwei’s’Shenling Bow’ has excellent ears, and it really deserves its reputation.”

Thousand households sternly shouted, “Since you know my name, don’t you behave well?”

The man sneered: “Just with a hard bow and a pair of good ears, you want the old man to be caught with his hands? Master Thousands of households, you are a little conceited!”

Thousands of households secretly said: Xiaoling is heavily guarded, but this person can avoid the eyes and ears of the mountains and sneak in quietly, fearing that it is really extraordinary. Thinking of this, Qian Hu didn’t dare to underestimate him, Zhang Gong shot an arrow, planning to try his depth first: “Don’t pretend to be fools, come down to me!”

Unexpectedly, the man did not evade, raising his hand and copying it, and grabbed the rushing arrow in his palm.

Upon seeing this, the guards were in an uproar. Thousands of households can penetrate the rock with one arrow tonight, and they all see it. And that person took a copy at random and easily intercepted the unmatched flying arrow. His martial arts were so powerful that he was unfathomable.

Thousands of households felt tight, knowing that they had encountered a strong enemy, and hurriedly drew a strong bow, and suddenly released another arrow.

The arrow was sharper, and whistling towards the person with the sound of breaking through the air. And that person flipped his wrist and threw out the sharp arrow in his palm.

One comes and the other goes. Two galloping silver lights turned into a line in mid-air. Feng Di faced each other, sparks splashed all over, followed by two “cracks”, both arrows collided at the same time and fell to Qianhu’s feet.

Looking at the broken arrow at his feet, Qian Hu’s face is ashamed. With a single throw, that person could block the long arrow that he used with all his strength. Whether it was strength or accuracy, it was far above him.

After a while, Qianhu suddenly drew out a squeaking arrow and slammed it into the night sky. The sound of arrows neighed sternly, making the bright post and secret sentry in the mausoleum alarm. Xiaolingwei, who was stationed nearby, came out like a tide, coming from all directions.

After a short while, outside the stele pavilion was crowded with stalwart Xiaolingwei. Looking around, there were crowded heads and bright torches everywhere.

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