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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 19 Recap

With the underworld demon energy dispersed, Lian Rou quickly returned to the prison and fed Yiyuan a demon pill. The two hurried out of the dungeon, and now the appliance sect was in chaos, Qin Lie and the three fell into the Nether Demon Realm, Song Tingyu’s Lord of the Rings broke away and returned to Gao Yu’s hands. Standing in a mysterious space, Qin Shan witnessed all of this, and for the sake of the overall situation but unable to change the process, he had to summon the sacred beast in his hand to fly into the space where Qin Lie was.

Ying Xingran watched the Utensil Sect being messed up by Xie Yi, and rushed to Song Yu to pursue the blame. Everyone in the Utensil Sect was waiting to find Xie Yi to settle accounts. Who knew that Xie Yi knelt down and admitted his mistake, a few words The words directly bear all the mistakes, which makes Ying Xingran unable to say more, and has to swallow the muffled loss. The biggest danger right now is the opening of the Nether Passage.

Even though the Equipment Sect has proposed two large boxes of Demon Pills, everyone is having a headache in the face of this full of Nether Demon Qi. Now that Feng Rong was killed, Mo Hai was heartbroken and could not refine the magic weapon for the time being. Here Ying Xingran mentioned that Song Tingyu and Qin Lie fell into the tunnel together, and Song Yu’s brows gradually became tangled…

Song Tingyu came to the woods under the netherworld. The faint light surrounding him made him vigilant. Song Tingyu called out a few times. Sure enough, a dozen or so soldiers from the Horned Demon Race were summoned. Song Tingyu was unable to withstand the siege and was injured. With the meaning of cold ice, the two of them joined hands, and they successfully escaped.

Qin Lie was eager to find Yushi, but as soon as Qin Yushi heard Qin Lie’s cry, he ran to Qin Lie. Who knew Qin Lie passed through his body as if he could not see his existence. Qin Lie couldn’t find the words and poems several times, and couldn’t help but feel self-blame. Song Tingyu suggested that Qin Lie cheer up first, and it is unnecessary to over-blame himself here.

Song Tingyu was originally not affected by the Nether Demon Qi in the realm of communication, but was injured in the battle with the Horned Demon Race, and she gave Qin Lie the only Demon Purifying Pill she had. Qin Lie realized that Oneself can not live up to Song Tingyu’s kindness, and can not be attached to a moment, take the lead in solving the status quo, is the root of the problem. After the two talked, Song Tingyu took out the Fragmented Nianjing, proposed a method for Qin Lie to absorb and Song Tingyu to protect the law, and guided them to the Ziwu Sea.

Seeing the two distant figures, Qin Yushi stood silently aside. Song Tingyu, who was standing next to Qin Lie at this time, seemed to be much better than herself, which made Qin Yushi start to doubt whether she was true to Qin Lie. ‘S helpful. After struggling, Qin Yushi suddenly woke up from his dream, sitting next to him from a saint named Chaoxi. It turned out that Chaoxi found Qin Yushi fainted in the underground woods and brought Qin Yushi back to his residence. Everything Qin Yushi saw was the reality reflected by Nightmare Lingjing.

After waking up, Qin Yu’s poems were obviously somewhat lost, and Chaoxi was surprised to point out that the purple hair color and eyeball color of Qin Yu’s poems were completely different from the human race. Qin Yushi was also very puzzled, recalling Song Tingyu’s devil energy, Qin Yushi thought for a while, and had to cover it with aura.

Song Yu sent soldiers to guard the exit of the Nether Demon passage. Although there was no Nether Clan invading for the time being, he could vaguely feel the stronger aura. Yiyuan found Song Yu and reported the status of Chilan Continent. Now I have to appease all the residents, waiting for Mohai to refine the sky thunder of Nirvana.

Langxie approached Du Shaoyang to discuss the current situation: Qin Lie’s life and death are uncertain, and Ying Xingran has earned enough face in front of the two holy masters due to the Nether Passage incident, and it is very likely that he will not let go of the position of the sovereign. After Du Shaoyang heard this, he still said firmly that Qin Lie might return unharmed. Langxie felt that in Du Shaoyang’s heart, he might still hope that Qin Lie could return. In the midst of hesitation, Yi Yuan returned. Tool School, find Lian Rou…

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