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Ni Song

Ni Song (Novel)
Other Name: 逆宋

Genre: novel
Author: Lie Xuan
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The modern young man Chai Zongxun is just a workman who runs for life. Year old little emperor. According to the development of history, Zhao Kuangyin will add a yellow robe next, and after ascending the throne, he will imprison the Chai clan, and he will also die in depression. In order to prevent history from repeating itself, Chai Zongxun decided not to sit still and take the initiative. And in the face of a generation of hegemons like Zhao Kuangyin, what methods will he use to save his life and life?

Free Reading Highlights:
After leaving the city, Chai Zongxun suddenly remembered that he had neglected a very important thing.

From Bianliang City to Youyun, whether you take the east road or the west road, you must pass through Chenqiaoyi.

At this moment, Zhao Kuangyin’s army is stationed there waiting for their coach.

Going like this, isn’t it just a snare?

Chai Zongxun thought for a while, and asked directly: “Treasurer Zhao, is there a shortcut to Youyun here?”

As a business traveler, Zhao Kuangyin is the shopkeeper, Chai Zongxun is the son, and the guard is the servant.

Zhao Kuangyin was expressionless: “Go back to the son, after Chenqiaoyi, there is a small road leading to Yizhou.”

“I don’t want to go to Chenqiaoyi,” Chai Zongxun said: “Now the army is waiting at Chenqiaoyi. If they are recognized, they show their deeds, but they are not beautiful.”

“But from Bianliang City to the north, Chen Qiaoyi is the only way to go.” Zhao Kuangyin said lightly.

“Did you not hear the son said that he didn’t want to go to Chenqiaoyi?” said the guard Dong Ruhao.

Dong Ruhao is tall and full of tendons, and at first glance it seems that the force is no less than Zhao Kuangyin.

Zhao Kuangyin is still indifferent: “Is this the tone of the conversation between Xiaosi and the shopkeeper?”

Dong Ruxu replied: “I only listen to Master Han and shopkeeper Han. You, the shopkeeper, cannot control me.”

“My son,” Zhao Kuangyin did not continue to talk to Dong Ruzheng, but said: “Now to Youyun, I only know the path after Chen Qiaoyi.”

Chai Zongxun said: “Can’t we go around?”

“Go back to the son, I will go to Chenqiao for forty miles,” Zhao Kuangyin said: “If you make a detour, you will have to go at least two hundred miles. The so-called soldiers are very fast…”

“The son said how to go, so he would go.” Dong Ruhou interrupted Zhao Kuangyin: “Go around, take a detour north from Zhuxian Town next to Chenqiaoyi.”

Zhuxian Town.

Chai Zongxun was fascinated for a while, and one hundred and eighty years later, Yue Fei had broken the golden army here.

However, since he was reborn, Chai Zongxun would definitely not let the Nandu incident happen again.

Zhao Kuangyin’s nose moved a few times, and he didn’t mean to blame Dong Ruhou: “All right, then go to Zhuxian Town.”

It was originally possible to reach Chenqiaoyi before lunch, but due to a detour, a group of people passed through Zhuxian Town in the evening.

Chen Qiaoyi’s affairs must have been planned long ago, but Zhao Kuangyin has always been like a okay person.

Chai Zongxun has been analyzing Zhao Kuangyin’s psychology all the way.

He didn’t think Zhao Kuangyin would stop there, but the cost of rebellion was too great.

Back then, Shi Jingtang, Guo Wei and others were all fateful, and they had no worries about them, and their heads had a big scar. Give it a go, maybe a bike will change into a motorcycle.

But Zhao Kuangyin is different.

At present, few people dared to trouble him during the whole Great Zhou Dynasty. There were less than 10,000 people under one person, and life was quite leisurely.

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