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My Little Happiness 我的小確幸 Episode 18 Recap

Wen Shaoqing had some cold symptoms due to the rain. Chen Tu called for help, hoping that Wen Shaoqing would come to the hospital for help. Wen Shaoqing wanted to rest after an operation, and Xia Xia came again to inform that there was another operation to be done. Chen Tu sees that something is wrong with Wen Shaoqing and asks him to rest first, but there are emergency visits for two or three consecutive times, leaving Wen Shaoqing out of breath.

Cong Rong prepared the materials to go to work, watching Wen Shaoqing bend over at the elevator door, weak in limbs. Cong Rong was very worried and wanted to send Wen Shaoqing to the hospital. Wen Shaoqing said that she was just low blood sugar, so Cong Rong could take medicine for herself, and the medicine bottle was in her trouser pocket. Cong Rong asked Wen Shaoqing to take it by himself. After all, he was not embarrassed.

Wen Shaoqing said that he was really weak. Cong Rong had to touch his trouser pocket, took out the pill, stuffed it into Wen Shaoqing’s mouth, and took Wen Shaoqing back to the room to rest. Wen Shaoqing touched Cong Rong’s forehead with her forehead and hugged her directly, indicating that it would be more accurate to take her temperature in this way. Cong Rong still went to the bookstore to find a thermometer, and found that Wen Shaoqing had a high fever, so he had to rest at home and asked Wen Rang to take care of it. Wen Shaoqing understood Cong Rong and knew she was going to handle the first case.

Zhou Chengcheng had been waiting at the barbecue restaurant for warmth, and finally saw him go out, thinking that he was looking for Xiao Jiang, and hurriedly stopped him. Wen Rang felt inexplicable and told her that she was going to take care of her nephew Wen Shaoqing. Zhou Chengcheng was relieved, and suddenly received a large takeaway order, and when she delivered it, she realized that the person ordering the takeout turned out to be Xiao Jiang. Xiao Jiang asked Zhou Chengcheng to talk about Wenren and asked her to make an appointment with Wenren. Zhou Chengcheng didn’t want Wenren to be injured again, saying that he was Wenren’s girlfriend, but he didn’t expect to be exposed by Xiaojiang soon.

Wen Rang takes care of Wen Shaoqing. Wen Shaoqing asks him who he chooses. Wen Rang is duplicity and does not want to choose, so he suddenly receives a call from Zhou Chengcheng. On the phone, Zhou Chengcheng said that he had been in a car accident and asked Wen Rang to come and pick her up. Wen Rang couldn’t think about it, so he drove there to find Zhou Chengcheng. Wen Shaoqing saw it through, and Wen Rang was very concerned, but didn’t say it.

Wen Rang ran the red light and came to the address given by Zhou Chengcheng, worried about whether she was injured. He didn’t expect Xiao Jiang to call him, and he knew he had been cheated. Xiao Jiang deliberately stimulated Wen Rang, saying that he cared about her in his heart, otherwise he would not stay out of love. Zhou Chengcheng really couldn’t see it, but he apologized for this matter and asked Xiao Jiang not to hurt Wen Rang. I hope Wen Rang can speak out and not give Xiao Jiang any thoughts. Wen was confused and yelled at Zhou Chengcheng to blame, then turned and left, leaving Zhou Chengcheng sad alone.

Wen Rang knew that he was too serious, but couldn’t help, so he had to call Cong Rong, hoping she could comfort Chengcheng next week. Cong Rong and Shangguan have been waiting for the parties in the restaurant, but the parties have not shown up after the agreed time. Shangguan had planned to leave, perhaps at the cusp of the storm, some of the parties would not come out to identify them for fear of trouble. Cong Rong didn’t think so, saying that he had to wait because of this.

In the end, the two of them waited until the parties concerned, Cong Rong and Shangguan were very happy. Xiao Zhang and the other parties trusted Cong Rong and Shangguan, and Cong Rong was responsible for recording the details of the deception. After the overtime was over, Jingjing called Cong Rong, hoping that she would buy porridge for Shangguan. Otherwise, she would call to harass Wen Shaoqing. Cong Rong had to do the same, but he got his silk scarf dirty when buying porridge.

Cong Rong returned home, not forgetting what she promised Wen Shaoqing during the day. She boiled the chicken soup overnight and sent it to Wen Shaoqing early the next morning. But Wen Shaoqing was upset because he received the gift box. The gift box was given to Cong Rong by Shangguan and contained a silk scarf.

Wen Shaoqing was angry and didn’t want to drink soup, Cong Rong was unhappy, and asked Wen Shaoqing what he wanted, was it because of the silk scarf or chicken soup, or because he had been working overtime with Shangguan during this period of time and did not accompany him. Wen Shaoqing felt aggrieved, because she cares too much about Congrong and pays too much in her feelings and is easily vulnerable.

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