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My Little Happiness 我的小確幸 Episode 13 Recap

After busying all night, Cong Rong was exhausted, she hurried to give the law firm internship report, Wen Shaoqing has been caring for her. Cong Rong went to the law firm to find an official and proposed a plan. If the internship report time cannot be extended, he would go to the hospital to assist other interns. Shangguan saw that Cong Rong was always thinking about others and told her the good news that Mr. Tan could adjust the time and the internship report could be postponed. Cong Rong was very happy and said that he would go back and make a report immediately.

The Bureau of Industry and Commerce closed the barbecue restaurant, and Zhou Chengcheng sat outside the door sad, complaining that he was too unlucky. Wen Rang couldn’t see it and touched her head, saying that he could take Zhou Cheng to the bookstore to help during the rectification of the barbecue shop. Zhou Chengcheng regained his strength because of Wen Rang’s frustration and said that he wanted to find out the source of the barbecue restaurant.

She quietly entered the barbecue shop and found that the seafood scallops smelled stinky. Wen Rang helped her find the purchase book and recorded that the purchase price of the scallops was only three yuan, which was too cheap.

Wen Shaoqing drove Cong Rong to the law firm. Seeing Cong Rong’s nervousness, he took out his own cartoons and encouraged Cong Rong not to be nervous. Cong Rong took a deep breath. In the practice report of the law firm, he was very calm and performed well.

Zhou Chengcheng found the black-hearted boss who bought the goods before, and pretended to buy seafood according to Wen Rang’s instructions. The black-hearted boss originally didn’t want to sell her to her, but he heard Zhou Chengcheng said that he needed to buy a lot, thinking that he could make a lot of money, and agreed to take Zhou Chengcheng to see the channel goods. Taking advantage of the black-hearted boss not paying attention, Zhou Chengcheng turned on the mobile phone to record, followed him to a container, and smelled a disgusting smell.

The black-hearted boss disregarded the safety of the diners, making Zhou Chengcheng very angry. Zhou Chengcheng said that he had recorded the video and wanted to expose the black-hearted boss. The black-hearted boss wants to clean up Zhou Chengcheng. Wen Rang hears the sound and quickly pulls her to run. Zhou Chengcheng feels that the process is as exciting as a Hong Kong police movie. Zhou Chengcheng gave the video to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and the food safety issue finally came to an end.

Cong Rong asked Zhou Chengcheng to chat. She was a little surprised to hear that she liked Wen Rang. After all, Wen Rang was different from Zhou Chengcheng’s previous boyfriend. Zhou Chengcheng regretted that she liked the superficial man before, but in the face of the present gentleman, she expressed that she wanted to pursue such a talented man. The law firm made a summary of the internship report. Cong Rong and Jing Jingjing performed well, but Shangguan pointed out that Cong Rong should be left behind, expressing appreciation for her ability.

Cong Rong eagerly told Wen Shaoqing the news, and when he was excited, she took the initiative to kiss him. This scene was seen by Cong’s mother and she laughed from ear to ear. Wen Shaoqing asked to climb the stairs, and the two flirted and cursed on the stairs. Cong Rong said that it was his first kiss just now, and Wen Shaoqing was very happy. Seeing that the two are very good, Cong’s mother said she wanted to leave here and go home, and let Wen Shaoqing treat Cong Rong well, and gave Cong Dad’s lawyer’s notes to Wen Shaoqing, and asked him to pass it to Cong Rong, telling her that justice is the pride of Cong’s mother. . Cong Rong read the notes and said to be a good lawyer. Because Cong Rong successfully joined the law firm, Wen Shaoqing and Cong Rong officially became boy and girl friends.

Wen Shaoqing sent Cong Rong to work on the first day. He personally helped her put on foot stickers at the door. She also prepared slippers for her to make her pay attention to rest. After all, it was the first time to wear high heels. Cong Rong kissed Wen Shaoqing a bite, hoping to have dinner together at night as the first date. When Shangguan saw Cong Rong’s cute appearance, he was a little moved and asked her to go on a business trip with him to settle a trademark case. Cong Rong hurriedly called Wen Shaoqing, saying that he could not eat anymore and told him not to be angry. When Zhong Zhen saw his phone memo to his girlfriend, he thought Wen Shaoqing had other women and accused him of not betraying Cong Rong. Wen Shaoqing teased him deliberately, without telling the truth.

On the plane, Shangguan suffered from stomach pain. Cong Rong had already discovered that he had bought stomach medicine on the way out. Shangguan was a little touched and let Cong Rong be responsible for the explanation. After arriving at Hongqiao Airport, Cong Rong turned on his phone with full expectation and told Wen Shaoqing that he had arrived.

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