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Muyuan Blood Drops

Muyuan Blood Drops (Novel)
Other Name: 木鸳血滴子, Mu Yuan Xue Di Zi, Wooden Yuan Blood Drops

Genre: novel, history
Author: Su Qiwen
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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In the last years of the Ming Dynasty, General Yuan Chonghuan was imprisoned in the Dongchang prison. That night, God Everyone at the gate tried to rob the prison, but suffered heavy casualties. Huang Taiji looked forward to the throne. Nowadays, the people’s heart is uncertain, and Yuan Chonghuan does not hesitate to bear infamy for the protection of the river and mountains. The secret book written by Lu Jiuyuan was taken away, and then he was pursued and killed by others. Fortunately, Mulan saved him. Lu Jiuyuan decided to join forces with Mulan to create an agency team, trying to eliminate the “Blood Droplets” in one fell swoop, but after repeated encirclement and suppression, the “Blood Droplets” still could not be annihilated. In desperation, the two had no choice but to hide.

Free Reading Highlights:
Yao Guang, you have done a great job this time. “Rong Qingnuo leaned on Yan Yaoguang’s shoulders and made a bigger promise to him as it should be, “After it’s done, the position of the deputy head of the Shenji Sect is yours. “

Yan Yaoguang smiled and said, “Brother Rong said, “You and I are old friends. Helping you to retrieve this secret book is just a matter of effort. What’s more, my service for you is not entirely based on your friendship. I approve of your vision. Shenjimen is just a mess of sand right now, and the court has long distrusted us. To continue to have illusions about them is equivalent to sitting and waiting for death. It is better to bet the bargaining chip on Huang Taiji. Rather than destroying ourselves. Emperor Chongzhen of the Great Wall, those Jurchens seem to have a greater chance of winning.”

Rong Qingnuo was overjoyed when he heard the words: “Yao Guang really knows how to judge the situation. With your help, why worry about the big things? Next, this emperor Taiji camp, but you have to bother brothers and you accompany me.

“This is natural.”

“It’s really refreshing! Then let’s hurry up and prepare, and let’s set off at dawn.”

While the two were talking, they suddenly heard a quarrel from outside the hall. Rong Qingnuo saw that it was Du Boyun and Liu Jing who came in limpingly.

“The surname is Du, you obviously are soft-hearted to that lady and can’t do it. If you were not so inked, Lu Jiuyuan’s life would have been ours!”

“Liu Jing, you are just a brave man. If you take their lives at that time, where do we go to know where the secrets are?”

“Fart, what does getting the cheat book have to do with Du Boyun? If it weren’t for your benevolence of a woman, how could we be ruined by the halfway surname Yang?”

“Bastard! Killing people with firecrackers on the streets in the middle of the night, do you see that our god machine door has not been uncomfortable by the court?”

“Close your stinky mouths, no one will treat you as dumb!” Rong Qingnuo shouted sharply, “Do you still have the face to yell at the task entrusted to you?”

Du Boyun glanced at Rong Qingnuo, the other party’s angry face made him feel a little frustrated. Du Boyun lowered his head and confessed his mistake: “Mr. Rong, I’m really sorry, I messed up this mission. Bo Yungan is punished.”

“That’s it, the secret is already in my hands anyway, what’s the point of punishing you?” Rong Qingnuo glanced at the wound on Du Boyun’s body, then looked at the embarrassed appearance of Liu Jing and others, and asked: “Yu Yu It’s nosy? That kid Lu Jiuyuan shouldn’t be so capable.”

“Mr. Rong, you don’t know. Originally, Lu Jiuyuan and A Zhu had been subdued by us. Suddenly, a man named Yang Yunqing came out and saved both of them! This martial arts surnamed Yang is a good birth, and the four of us None of his opponents.”

“Yang Yunqing?” After listening to Liu Jing’s narration, Rong Qingnuo stroked his beard, and a trace of doubt appeared on his thin face, “I have been in the rivers and lakes for half my life, but I have never heard of this person. Could it be someone who has a grudge with this school? Gang members?”

Yan Yaoguang said: “Brother Rong, since Yang Yunqing dared to declare his name without evasiveness, I’m afraid the background is unusual.”

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