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Electronic Datang

Electronic Datang (Novel)
Other Name: 电子大唐

Genre: novel, history
Author: Xiao 3fc7af728167
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Ye Jiming was originally just an ordinary hitman, who lives every day And running around. Under the karma, he gained the ability to freely shuttle between Datang and modern times. With this ability, Ye Jiming decided to bring the knowledge and technology of modern society to the Tang Dynasty, and then exchange the treasures from the prosperous and rich Tang Dynasty. In this way, under his leadership, Datang entered the electronic age step by step. But later he found out that his behavior had caused history to deviate from its original trajectory, and his modernity was also affected.

Free Reading Highlights:
“I am your new Boos. Let’s set up our new mission.” Ye Jiming said.

No one paid attention to him. Well, he was rolled his eyes. This is unbearable. How could this company be like this.

Zheng Xing clapped his hands: “Hello everyone, this is our Boos. This will be the responsibility of the company’s business in the future.”

“Okay. Stop the development of the original project first. Let’s develop a great APP. This APP needs to be used by people from all over the world, but if the font is traditional Chinese characters, the vertical layout, the interface should be nice, and it supports local server deployment. Cloud support. It may support more than 500 concurrency, because there will be about 500 people online at the same time. To support the function, first develop a function.

This function, we call it the chat function, must have voice chat and video chat The performance of these two short functions must be good enough to support poor WIFI signals. It must be absolutely power-saving so that everyone can use it for a longer period of time. Just imitate the development of Xinwei.” Ye Jiming said .

After talking for a long time, no one paid any attention to him. It seems that this is really a bunch of elm bumps, which is unreasonable. It seems that everyone is subjected to various speculations every day and is numb. Ye Jiming also knows that this is a common problem in the industry. Force cannot be solved. Can only say. It was a one-week event, no, I was also a technical background, half a month’s time to make this thing, so that it can be used by others.

Walking out of this residential building, came to the door, closed the door, Zheng Xing said: “I drank some wine yesterday, so my mind is not clear. You can be so reckless, and you can lose such a good job. Turn around and start a business. , Listen to Brother’s advice, this is a road of no return, don’t go, honestly go to work to make money, don’t mess around, brother is a person here, you know more than you need to know.”

Ye Jiming knew that this was Zheng Xing, and Zheng was good for himself, so he felt quite a bit in his heart, and said loudly, “What’s the big deal? If you fail, continue to find a company Coding.”

Yes, Zheng Xing also changed his mind. This is the same reason. It’s a big deal to find another family to work. Don’t be afraid anymore, ready to get rid of your arms and do a big job. Welcome your own life.

Wen Xiangru who was watching from a distance saw everything in his eyes, and snorted: “I thought I was going to start a big company, a big company like Sesame, see you burn all the money, how can you play? . It’s not that you begged me obediently and asked me to help you get a job again. Hey. Just wait and see.”

Time flies quickly. In the afternoon, Ye Jiming began to purchase various equipment online, as well as a large number of network cables, small solar panels, small diesel generators, switches, and several high-configuration blade servers. Ye Jiming spent about five thousand yuan, and for Ye Jiming, who had never spent money like this, the money spent was really painful. No way, it is worthwhile to lay the first Internet in Datang. All these efforts were definitely not in vain.

For the remaining few days, I spent quite a lot of free time. As a member of Coding, Ye Jiming was also quite simple. Also participated in the development of this 1.0 version.

For the three developments, Ye Jiming decided to develop agile development technology. Everyone is responsible for each module, and each responsible module must complete related basic tests. A total of this simple APP is divided into front-end, back-end, phone and video modules. Three parts, the front end will complete the basic framework construction, the back end will cooperate with the front end to complete the completion of the part except the telephone and video communication module, and the development of this part will be completed by itself.

The development is progressing steadily, and Ye Jiming starts to develop selflessly. The codes of the middle people will be summarized on Github, and the basic code will be summarized on Github, including the completion of some basic CL/CD.

In a blink of an eye, half a month passed.

In Datang, the mother and son living in the side house stared at the door opening every day, hoping that the savior could come back soon. The chaos in the Sui Dynasty just overcame the chaos. This chaotic world is not peaceful. If something happens to disaster , I’m over, and my life that has just improved a bit will be ruined.

The housekeeper is also expecting his master to come back soon. The time to go this time is too long. It is beyond my imagination, and I don’t know where the master is, but he is quite a duty, how much money. They are all buried under the ground, knowing that this is not their own shadow, and the butler has never been corrupt.

In the tea shop outside the city, I saw that the master’s house was never coming again. Everyone was a little bit lost. It seems that the master’s house has abandoned us and the world. It is really a bit of a surprise. I will never see all kinds of magic again. The machine is something that can be made by skilled craftsmen. I still want to be able to see these things in my lifetime. It seems that these things are difficult to come.

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