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15th in Beijing

15th in Beijing (Novel)
Other Name: 两京十五日

Genre: novel, history
Author: Ma Boyong
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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In the 19th year of Yongle, Emperor Yongle moved the capital from Jinling to Beiping . Three years later, Emperor Yongle passed away and the prince succeeded to the throne. He decreed that the capital be moved to Nanjing, so that prince Zhu Zhanji would go alone first and stand before the move. The prince and his party followed the Grand Canal to Nanjing. After going through hardships and obstacles along the way, His Royal Highness, who had never been out of the palace, saw various customs, and many interesting stories happened.

Free Reading Highlights:
Since Yongle, the imperial court has banned people from trading in gold and silver, requiring the use of treasures, and severe penalties for offenders. Wu Dingyuan’s request was a flagrant violation of the law. Unexpectedly, Wu Dingyuan rolled his eyelids and said with mockery, “So law-abiding, are you a foreigner who just came to the Central Plains from the Three Buddhas?”

Nowadays, the depreciation of treasure money is worth severe. Everyone trades in gold and silver semi-openly, and the government does not really care. This little almond is also ignorant of the world.

Seeing that he stopped talking, Yu Qian was a little anxious, he didn’t understand why this guy was obsessed with cash. If this case is really solved, Qi Tian’s great achievements and rewarding a general position would be possible, wouldn’t it be better than this little money? He almost wondered if he had missed his eyes. Is this guy really a short-sighted fool?

But now, it is too late to regret, but he patted his chest in front of the prince as a safeguard. Yu Qian had no choice but to persuade: “How can I get this lot of cash now? Besides, even if you take it out, it will be about 20 catties, don’t you carry it to the case?”

Wu Dingyuan squinted and said, “Who wants to take it by myself? I will write a place in a while, and you can call two porters to send it. As soon as the money arrives, we will start work immediately.” The tone of his commanding others to do things is better than that of the old master. Also natural. Yu Qian was almost speechless by the popularity, tossed his sleeves, turned around and went out.

Compared with this case, Wu Dingyuan’s price is not high. But Yu Qian, a small official of the eighth rank, earns no more than 60 shi of grain a year. These three hundred taels of cash, at a time, do not know where to raise money. No, I still need to find a way from Jin Yiwei.

Yu Qian walked out of the inner prison and saw that the old thousand households were still waiting outside, so he walked over and asked, “Do you have any money here?”

“How much do you want?” Lao Qianhu took out a half-deflated Shun bag from his arms. Yu Qian held his hand and said, “The prince has to second three hundred and twenty-eight percent silver in order to work.” This number made the old thousands shiver and asked why he wanted so much. Yu Qian said inconveniently, so he could only say with a grimace: “The prince needs to do things. If you can’t believe it, I will bet the city iron card here.”

How dare the old thousand households accept this stuff, they had to call the treasurer over. Upon asking, Jin Yiwei’s treasurer actually had a cash. It turned out that a few days ago, the Longjiang Salt Warehouse Approval Office seized a batch of private salt. Jin Yiwei worked hard in it and should share the profits. The Appraisal Office decocted a part of the stolen silver into ingots and handed it over to the Zhenfu Secretary for payment. -The ban on gold and silver is only for the private sector, and government transactions are not among them.

Under the distressed gaze of the old thousands of households, Yu Qian signed an IOU in the name of Zhan Shifu and unceremoniously asked people to remove three hundred taels of silver from the library. This is a gold flower and silver ingot of twenty-five two ingots. There are twelve ingots in total. The white silk is clear and the color is full. The hair is placed on a wooden plate.

At this time, Wu Dingyuan was untied and released from the inner prison. He walked to the wooden plate, and while shaking his sore wrist, he looked at the piece of gleaming silver, and picked up an ingot and picked it with his nails. Yu Qian hurriedly hurriedly said, “This is the best second or fourth precious silver. If you go to the silver shop to convert it into patterned silver, you will have to pay a premium. You can get thirty taels more, which is cheaper for you. Where are you going to send it? “

The principal had prepared two white seals that were well-known for a long time, and held a pen to fill in. Wu Dingyuan opened the mouth and said: “Twelve ingots are divided into two equal parts, one is sent to the fifth store in Langzhong Lane, Tangfang, northwest of Huaiqiao, and is collected by my little sister Wu Yulu; one is sent to Wuning Bridge Fule Yuan Qu Bayuan, Grandma Zhutong collects it.”

When Yu Qian heard this, his chin suddenly tightened with anger. The address at the front is where Wu’s house is, so it’s fine to ask my sister to collect it, but the one at the back is really shameful.

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