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Game Changer (2021) 紧急公关

Game Changer (2021)
Other Title: 紧急公关, Wei Ji Xian Sheng , Mr. Crisis , 危机先生 , Jin Ji Gong Guan, 危机先生, Wei Ji Xian Sheng, Emergency PR

Genres: drama, Business, Romance
Hui Kai Dong
Cao Xue Ping (曹雪萍)
CCTV, Youku
Release Date: 
Jan 16, 2021
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  • Huang Xiao Ming as Lin Zhongshuo
  • Cai Wen Jing as Xu Wenwen
  • Tan Zhuo as Yuan Wei
  • Zhang Bo as Fang Li
  • Lin Yo Wei as Huo Weilun
  • Li Chun Ai as Xia Mo
  • Li Qiang as Gao Feng
  • Yan Shi Kui
  • Tian Lei Xi as Yin Jingya
  • Zhao Meng Di as Wu Fang
  • Liu En Shang
  • Wu Xiao Yu as Zhou Xue
  • You Yong
  • Jing Gang Shan
  • Sun Hao
  • Chen Zi Han

A story revolving around the crises in the public relations industry and the people whose lives intertwine because of it. Lin Zhong Shuo switched from an entertainment reporter to work at a PR firm. Tasked with sensitive and difficult-to-handle situations, he manages to avert crisis by playing his cards right. He helps his boss face off against his toughest enemy.

He left the entertainment industry after an incident wherein he misreported the news. Innocent people got hurt and he has been blaming himself. He tries to make amends and atone for the mistakes of the past. He has two important women in his life – Yuan Wei and Xu Wen Wen. Through his journey, he gradually comes to realize who he truly loves.

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