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The Most Beautiful You in the World 世界上最动听的你 Episode 7 Recap

Yu Huan went back and sat on the sofa, feeling that the teaching assistant was really hard work, but it was quite happy to think that he was a popular item among teaching assistants. After Liang Cheng sent Yu Huan home, he was taking the bus back to his home. On the bus, he recalled the time he spent with Yu Huan and smiled happily.

In the evening, the dubbing of the emperor Chang Huan continued. After Qin Xiu became a male favorite, he was in a foreign land missing his hometown. Chang Huan sent a lantern to comfort Qin Xiu and recalled the scene of the first acquaintance. Chang Huan is not a militant soldier, but wants to make the world peace. As long as the people and Le are at peace, it doesn’t matter who controls ups and downs. Qin Xiu asked if Da Chu could definitely do it. Chang Huan said that she could do it, and hoped that Qin Xiu could really help her and return the people to a peaceful and prosperous age.

The next day, Yu Huan came to her aunt and felt a little uncomfortable. Miao Miao prepared breakfast for Yu Huan and wanted to ask her for leave, but Yu Huan said that Miao Miaosa was panicking, and she had to make it up. During the military training, she forcefully supported the military training with her classmates. Qiao Yibai saw that she was uncomfortable and asked her to rest. Qiao Yibai took her to the edge of the playground, and thoughtfully took off his coat and fastened it to her. The students were shocked by the scene.

Yu Huan found that she didn’t bring her aunt’s towel when she went to the toilet, so she had to call Miao Miao for help. But Miao Miao was boiling brown sugar water, and it would take another hour. So Miao Miao called Qiao Yibai to help deliver sanitary napkins. Qiao Yibai took a pack of sanitary napkins at the checkout. He didn’t dare to look at the cashier. After the checkout, he stuffed it into his clothes. For convenience, he unpacked the bag and stuffed it into his pocket. He left quickly for convenience shop.

Yu Huan heard the conversation between Rosie and her good friend in the toilet. Rosie firmly believed that she and Qiao Yibai were destined to be together because they were all performed in idol dramas. Yu Huan lamented that she was another girl who was poisoned by idols. Rosie, who came out of the toilet, just ran into Qiao Yibai who didn’t know what to do in the corridor.

Qiao Yibai asked Rosie to help Yu Huan. Rosie was very angry and left after the delivery. After Yu Huan came out, he saw Qiao Yibai standing in the hallway, thanked him, and asked him what was left. After teasing Qiao Yibai, one piece might not be enough, so let him run again. Qiao Yibai and Yu Huan returned to the playground together. She suddenly turned around. Before he could stop, he ran into her. Seeing the two close interactions, Liang Cheng felt very uncomfortable. Sun Yu comforted him to help her win Yu Huan tonight, and made the classmates behind him shout slogans. Qiao Yibai turned to look at them, and Liang Cheng met him defiantly.

Yu Huan fainted under the scorching sun. Qiao Yibai and Liang Cheng sent her to the infirmary. The nurse took the medicine to Yu Huan, and they snatched it and gave it to her. The nurse also ordered to go back and drink some brown sugar water or honey grapefruit tea. The two of them had to go shopping for her, Qiao Yibai let Liang Chengdu buy it, and the two looked at each other with full of gunpowder.

Qiao Yibai wants to take Yu Huan to eat wooden barrel fish, and Liang Cheng will also follow. Qiao Yibai introduced to Yu Huan that the brown sugar glutinous rice cake was sweet but not greasy, and Yu Huan was very satisfied with the taste. It turned out that he had tasted the nearby delicacies before and made notes. Yu Huan suggested that the three men worship and fight the entire food street together. Neither of them spoke, but just smiled.

The teaching assistant competition officially started, and all the students showed their talents. Qiao Yibai even played the guitar, and finally the Department of Economics and Management won the competition. The students of the Department of Economics and Management threw them up to celebrate. However, Liang Cheng did not admit defeat, saying that everything is not over yet and he will work hard.

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