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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 16 Recap

Song Huai’en and his party and the Huizhou rebels killed fiercely outside the room. Mou Lian couldn’t stand it. He rushed out. The Huizhou army was a little surprised to see Mou Lian, but Mou Lian said that Wu Qian had rebelled and committed the following crimes, although he was Wu. Qian’s nephew was also absolutely meticulous. As a Dacheng soldier, he should take guarding the court as his own responsibility, not a traitor.

Mou Lian’s words shook the Huizhou army. Song Huaien also persuaded him and finally let Hui The state army abandoned the dark and cast the light. The crisis is temporarily lifted. The most important thing at the moment is to hold Huizhou and prevent King Jianning from entering the capital.

Huizhou is the throat to the capital and an important bargaining chip for the rebels to seize the capital. Pang Gui said that Mou Lian is most familiar with Huizhou. Asked him if he had any suggestions, Mou Lian said that Huizhou faces water in the east, and there are only three city gates. The defender of the north city is his deep friendship. With their strength, it is no problem to win the two northwest city gates.

Only the south gate is stationed. With more than 10,000 soldiers and horses, the guard is also Wu Qian’s confidant, I’m afraid it will not be easy to succeed. Song Huai’en proposed to capture Wu Qian and obtain the soldier talisman so that the South Gate defenders could return. Wang Yan ordered Song Huai’en to arrest Wu Qian and told him not to hurt Mrs. Wu and her daughter. Song Huai’en took the order and went to the side. Mou Lian was also very grateful for Wang Yan’s order.

In the capital, the prince and Zidan visited the emperor’s palace, but the emperor ignored them and waved them away. The two had to leave. On the way, Zidan asked the prince, hoping that the prince would agree to lead his troops to Huizhou to rescue Wang Yan, but the prince disagreed. Zidan begged and said that he was just leading the troops to give Wu Qian a promise.

Wu Qian was able to let Wang Yan go. If he sent other generals, he might irritate Wu Qian. Zidan even knelt before the prince and pleaded. The prince actually wanted to save Wang Yan, but he was just Wang Lin’s puppet. Wang Lin had already arranged everything, he couldn’t do anything. Zidan saw this and said that since the court did not send troops, he would go by himself.

In Huizhou City, Pang Gui sent people everywhere to spread the news of Xiao Qi’s attack on the city, making Wu Qian panic. After Xie Yuan’s guards learned the news, they wanted to kill Wu Qian, and Mrs. Wu was protected by Xie Yuan in front of Wu Qian. Song Huaien was one step late and failed to save Mrs. Wu after being killed by the guard. Wang Yan and Yuxiu were taking care of the wounded soldiers in the hall. After a while, there was chaos in the city, and there was fire everywhere.

Wang Yan stood on the tower and looked at them, feeling very worried. Mou Lian went to various gates to persuade and suppress, and succeeded in retaking Huizhou City Defense. Seeing that the situation was not right, Xie Yuan wanted to go out of the city masked, but was caught by Mou Lian and Song Huai’en. Xie Yuan saw that he was unable to return to the sky, so he squatted himself.

After Wang Yan learned, he asked Song Huai’en to send someone to send Xie Yuan’s body back. Jing, Wang Yan wanted to reconcile with Xie, but Xie Wanru hated Wang Yan even more after learning about Xie Yuan’s death. She called Su Jin’er and told her that there was a way to make Zidan forget Wang Yan. .

King Jian Ning had already arrived outside Huizhou city. He saw that the Huizhou city gate was closed and worried that Xiao Qi had indeed entered the city, so he ordered the army to encircle Huizhou city. In Huizhou City, Madam Wu’s daughter Hui Xin has not eaten or drink since Madam Wu’s death. Wang Yan was a little worried.

She went to visit, but Hui Xin blamed Wang Yan, saying that Wang Yan harmed her mother, Wang Yan. Don’t blame Huixin, only let Huixin eat well, so that she has the strength to kill herself. Wang Yan went out of the room sullenly. Mou Lian’s wife, Mrs. Mou, followed and interceded for Mou Lian, so that Wang Yan should not blame Mou Lian.

Wang Yan said that he had promised Mou Lian not to pursue his treason. Mrs. Mou rest assured. At night, Wang Yan couldn’t sleep, so he took Yuxiu for a walk in the hall, just when Song Huaien and the soldiers were discussing the strategy of defending the city, Song Huaien stopped her when he saw Wang Yan was coming.

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