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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 24 End Recap

Jinmei Group’s new product launch conference was held, Xie Kun showed extreme confidence in the design of his own work, and the media also saw their design brochure. And ten minutes later, the new product released by Eike completely collided with Jinmei’s design. Then, who plagiarized whom? The media immediately targeted Eike and suspected that they were suspected of plagiarism.

The news reached Zhu Xuanwen as soon as possible, and Yike never responded to media queries, but the show should be held as scheduled, because retreat means admitting plagiarism. After that, he went to Jinmei with the documents. Xie Kun thought he was here to seek peace, but Zhu Xuanwen was confident that he had come to inform Xie Kun to cooperate.

In the show, the lighting T stage was in place, and models wearing newly designed dotted peach series jewelry appeared one after another. Those jewels were dazzling and colorful. Finally, designer Zhu Xuanwen and Xie Kun, president of the joint design company Jinmei Group, appeared. Long before Zhu Xuanwen launched this jewelry, the six-pointed star’s international certification had been won, so as a latecomer Jin Mei launched this again, what did it mean? The crime of plagiarism is not light, so he can only choose cooperation or ruin. Appeared at the venue in the name of jointly launched, turning fighting into jade.

At the last moment of the show, Zhu Xuanwen spent some time. After the surroundings calmed down, he slowly thought about the most important person who appeared in his life. She brought the sun to his side, like a spring day. , Like autumn blue waves, slowly melting his cold body, holding his hand through the gray step by step, seeing the colorful world. He immediately knelt on one knee, so Luo Kaihuai was willing to heal him again, as his most important bride.

Luo Kaihuai’s steps are as firm as before, standing in front of him, living in his heart, this is true for him and the same for her. The dotted peach flower ring was worn on Luo Kaihuai’s ring finger, which was more dazzling than when I first saw it on the design draft. Zhu Li’s eyes seemed to be reluctant, but it was time to let go. He retired behind the curtain. Dave held Linda’s hand and immediately decided to see the parents for nothing else. The impulse was simple, just because he wanted to marry her.

Zhu Xuanwen accompanied Luo Kaihuai to choose the wedding dress. Although the wedding dresses were all beautiful, Luo Kaihuai never saw an unspeakable look on his face until a wedding dress appeared. Zhu Xuanwen had an unspeakable surprise in his eyes, and it seemed to be this one.

Tongtong’s condition eased a lot after Luo Kaihuai’s treatment. His mother was grateful for this. The little girl gave Luo Kaihuai the candy to express her gratitude, so the virgin thanks to Luo Kaihuai was very useful. Director Qin handed out a document, which was the quota for studying abroad. Now Luo Kaihuai is going to untie the knot on her own. This is a good opportunity, but it takes one year to go abroad. She still doesn’t know how to talk to Zhu Xuanwen.

Zhu Xuanwen was enthusiastic about choosing a wedding venue, but he heard the news that she was going abroad for a year. Although a little disappointed, as long as Luo Kaihuai’s compensation is in place, it is not impossible to agree. Therefore, before leaving the country, the two decided to take a good picture of the wedding dress, fearing that he would feel that the night was long and no one would say, Luo Kaihuai also gave Zhu Xuanwen a dog to accompany him.

Before leaving the country, Zhu Li once again met Luo Kaihuai on the bench in Kaihuai Park. The bell was once given to Luo Kaihuai as a gift. Now she is no longer afraid, and Zhu Xuanwen is also guarding her. The bell should be returned to him when he is here. To be a bell. After bidding farewell to Luo Kaihuai, Zhu Li came to see Zhu Xuanwen. Just like a bell, he helped Zhu Xuanwen keep Yike for so many years, gave up the piano and gave up art. Now he should have left.

Dave and Linda went to see their parents. At the dinner table, Linda’s father watched Dave treat Linda well, but it was a bit embarrassing to hear that Dave was just an assistant. Dad was kind and didn’t look down on Dave’s work. He thought he was only saying this to impress them. He has the intention to recruit Dave into his factory for training, and he will do something in the future. Who knows that only then did he hear Linda say that Dave is the assistant to the president of Eike, which is comparable to ordinary assistants. And even this kind of work does not prevent Dave from liking Linda. He promised Linda’s father that he would be good to Linda.

When Taozi heard that she was going to see Luo’s father for a few days, she would inevitably feel a little nervous. Luo joked and posted a circle of friends to make their relationship public so that Taozi would not be so nervous. At the same time Zhu Xuanwen stared at the phone, and the dog that Luo Kaihuai sent him was eating food next to him. How could this work? He had to book a plane ticket to find Luo Kaihuai.

After a year of hard work, Luo Kaihuai is about to return to China today. Zhu Xuanwen intends to make the airport decoration extremely romantic, call all relatives and friends, put on gorgeous roses, and even get ready for a grand wedding. So coincidentally, I received a call from Luo Kaihuai that he was going to study for another year. At this time, flowers and relatives and friends are useless, and Zhu Xuanwen is extremely frustrated. At this time, someone brought a cup of coffee and put it at his table, asking him if he really wanted to cancel the wedding? That was Luo Kaihuai’s voice, he couldn’t be more familiar with it.

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