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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 51 End Recap

Everything is ready. Shen Tianshu’s next step is to seek the Chen family, and the easiest way to achieve is to take Chen Zichen hostage. When Shen Tianshu learned that Chen Zichen was hunting in a certain mountain, he easily caught him and put him under house arrest. He was proud of showing Chen Zichen his newly cast weapons, which could easily penetrate Chen Guojia.

Nanling County is the southern guard city of Jiankang. After only after the capture of Nanling, you can drive straight into Jiankang. Shen Tianshu’s siege and seize the world is bound to win. It is reported that the newly built iron hand according to the Sutie Law has been completed, but it was smashed by Shen Tianshu.

It turned out that Shen Tianshu had known that Lu Tiankuang had hidden the evil heart, and the real handwriting of the blacksmith had also been found by him. At this moment, he had already secretly re-forged weapons. Shen Tianshu kept silent and planned to return his body in his own way, so that Lu Tiankuang could be bound to himself.

When the people of the 48th village learned of Yu Wenzhi’s conspiracy with Disha, Li Yu took Wu Chuchu to contact all the ministers loyal to the court and the old troops of General Wu to plan against the enemy. Many ministers have long been dissatisfied with Yu Wenzhi, and the trip between Li Yu and the two was quite smooth.

Zhou Fei and Xie Yun also planned to attack Disha Villa. How should they distribute an antidote to each person, which will not be affected by smoke. Shen Tianshu knew that Zhou Fei and others were attacking, and there was no surprise at all. He calmly and seemed not to pay attention to them.

Forty-eight Zhai disciples and the people of Disha fought together. Zhou Fei and Xie Yun took advantage of the chaos to sneak into the interior of Disha Villa and saw Chen Zichen, who was imprisoned, and Lu Tiankuang, who was dreaming of becoming the lord of Shisha. Xie Yun stayed to deal with Lu Tiankuang. Now his body is clear and more than enough to deal with Lu Tiankuang.

Zhou Fei also went alone to fight against Shen Tianshu. She held a delicate slurior, which was no less than Shen Tianshu’s iron hand in her weapons, but it was also difficult to win for a while. Just as Lu Tianfang died, and Yang Yu and others also killed everyone with the help of the smoke. Zhou Fei also saved Shen Tianshu’s dog at the cost of serious injuries, which was also thanks to Xie Yun’s casting Youdi more sophisticated.

The earth has been eliminated, and Yu Wenzhi’s conspiracy is also unsustainable, and he was eventually executed by the emperor. People everywhere cheered for the future peaceful and prosperous times, and the name of Nandao Zhou Fei was even more intimidating the world, which was better than his grandfather Li Zheng.

Li Yan and Yang Di went to southern Xinjiang as agreed. Wu Chuchu has also been devoting himself to sorting out the world’s martial arts classics. Why should he study medicine all his life and spared no effort to visit Sun Sidi, a magic doctor. Now the world is at peace, and the Anping army also goes home separately. Everything is waiting for nothing to be prosperous, and it is also considered as going as going as a wrong way.

After Li Jirong recovered, he returned to the 48th village with Zhou Yitang. When he returned to the village, he found that Xie Yun had cracked his puzzled chess game. After all, Zhou Yutang was in the game and indulged in the past. He saw that he erased the chess game and should look forward to the future from now on.

Li Qian posted a post preparing to hold a gathering of martial arts friends in the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is rare to experience life and death. He also wants to take advantage of the peace of the present to catch up with his old friends. Forty-eight villages have more prestige than before. Now that most of the schools of Jianghu will be invited to come, and Zhou Fei naturally also needs to support Li Yu.

The two kept the agreement and went all over the world. Then they settled in 48 villages. As Xie Yun expected, they taught and educated people between the mountains, forests and rivers, and Zhou Fei taught their children knife. In every spare time, they will sit and gossip in the cottage by the Ximo River, enjoying the hard-won peace and happiness.

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