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Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸 Episode 8 Recap

Taking advantage of Yingshu’s call to find someone to deal with the flat tires, Streak quickly turned on the computer in the passenger seat, found the file copied on the computer by the USB flash drive, quickly deleted it and left quietly. Then he chatted with Jeff. Jeff was glad that Chou Yingshu didn’t see the scandal photos of his dad, and he never thought of the thing he tried so hard to find after winning streak. Yingshu returned it to him again. It was also done to preserve Qiu Zhijie’s perfect image in Yingshu’s heart.

In the studio, Taizhe was taking pictures of the model. He asked Tao Xiaoting to raise the hair dryer higher. Xiaoting struggling to stand up and fell to the ground. Liu Zihan said a few nasty things, and he happened to be seen by his sister Tao. Xiaodi heard it. Xiao Di answered her a few words. Xiao Ting wondered where she got so much money when she saw her sister holding a big bag. Xiao Di said that she had recently made a small fortune.

Seeing that Xiaoting was busy with work, Xiaodi sat next to her and waited for her. Suddenly she saw Yingshu walking by, and God could not help being surprised that God sent him to her again. Xiaoting struggled to lift a heavy piece of equipment. After walking a few steps, he almost fell. Yingshu quickly stepped forward to support her. Xiaoting looked back and thanked Yingshu. She was surprised. She loosened her hand and dropped the thing. When she came down and smashed Yingshu in the foot, when Liu Zihan called her Tao Xiaoting, Ying Shu couldn’t help being surprised that she was not called Tao Xiaodi. He mocked her thinking that changing her name would wipe out the previous things. Xiaoting said that she was born by name. This name.

Lian Sheng asked Tai Zhe why he didn’t resign from her. He also talked about Xiao Ting stealing her wallet. Xiao Ting argued that she did not do it. Yingshu asked who did it. Xiao Ting couldn’t help looking at Xiao Di, Xiao Di’s expression. A little embarrassed, Xiaoting didn’t say any more. Yingshu told Taizhe that he would not leave this kind of person by his side. After speaking, he left and came to his car. When Yingshu saw a beautiful woman in front of the car beckoning for a taxi, he said that he couldn’t get a taxi here. Can give her a ride. This beauty is Xiaodi, and Yingshu has an impression of her. At the press conference of Ou Nu, she was the female reporter asking questions. Yingshu asked her name, she said she was Tao Feier. Yingshu thought she and Xiao Ting were sisters, Xiaodi hurriedly denied that she asked Yingshu to take her to a place where she could get a taxi and get off.

Yingshu is Taizhe’s best friend. Taizhe felt that what he said was right, so he settled the salary for Xiaoting and asked her to leave. Xiaoting grievedly told him that he was a scapegoat and left. Later, when she saw Xiaodi, she couldn’t help being angry and aggrieved. For so many years, because Xiaodi was her sister, she didn’t know how much she had helped her. At this time, Xiaodi received a call from her mother because she wanted to change her name and let her go back as soon as possible. Once, Xiaodi hung up the phone, comforted Xiao Ting a few words and left.

Afterwards, Streak received a call from Xiaodi. He was very happy to find her immediately. He saw Xiaoting sitting on a stone bench by the beach and calling her mother. Her mother asked her to come back with her sister without problems. Xiaoting said that she had found something new. Temporarily unable to return to work, she also said that the boss and colleagues treated her well and that the circles under her eyes were red. She told her mother to make less clothes or it would be bad for her eyes. She bought a massager and sent it back.

After hanging up the phone, Xiaoting couldn’t help crying, and she couldn’t help crying even more sadly when she saw the winning streak. The winning streak made her get up and change her mood. He rode Xiao Ting on a motorcycle. He advised her to stop crying. Her eyes would swell so quickly. Xiao Ting said that he didn’t understand what it was like to be hurt by important people and misunderstood by people around him. Lian Sheng said that he had also been misunderstood. Xiao Ting was curious about how he survived. Lian Sheng enlightened her that her life was unsatisfactory. She didn’t need everyone to understand, as long as she had a clear conscience. Then Xiao Ting returned to the studio to clean the warehouse, and then took the luggage to leave. Taizhe believed she was not someone with dirty hands and feet and left her again.

At the Ou’s high-level meeting, Yingshu’s uncle Weng always did not understand how he had offended the winning streak and was removed from the position of vice president of the marketing department. Streak smiled and said that he was not aimed at him, he was aimed at everyone present. Zhao always felt that this position was appointed by the old chairman, and it was not appropriate to drastically adjust personnel as soon as the winning streak came up. It was really a bit of a taste of cold tea, and other people also opposed this. Yingshu supported the winning streak of reforms. He said that his father wanted to change the group’s lifeless situation before he was alive. After the meeting, Mr. Weng was very angry, and he vowed to take revenge.

Mom thought Xiaodi was just changing her name when she came back, but she couldn’t help but feel unhappy even with her face changed. You Wei came to see her mother and didn’t recognize her. Xiaodi proposed to break up with him, and also said that he had asked Xiaoting to pretend to be her to find him.

Tao Xiaoting was moving things by the car that day. You Wei angrily walked over and accused her of lying to him. Her sister hurt him once, she pretended to be her sister and hurt him again. Xiaoting hurriedly explained to him, but he said that he had heard enough. When she saw the lively Yingshu, she realized that she had wronged her and couldn’t help apologizing to her. Then Xiao Ting, feeling depressed, came to the beach. She called Lian Sheng and said that even the sea couldn’t heal her. Lian Sheng rushed to ask her what happened, and Xiao Ting told him that she wanted to change the place.

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