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I Have Nine Emperors and Noble Concubines

I Have Nine Emperors and Noble Concubines (Novel)
Other Name: 朕有九个皇贵妃

Genre: novel, History
Author: Chili Scrambled Eggs
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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After Liu Ming woke up, he found that there was a classical beauty beside the bed, and the beauty still called to her Royal Highness. At this time, a large amount of memory came, and he learned from the memory of the original owner that this was the Liu Song Dynasty, and he was the son of the current emperor. The position of the prince is a great temptation for all the princes, so the court has been fighting over and over again. Liu Ming, a great young man from modern society, relied on the knowledge he had learned in modern society to encourage business and develop mineral resources, so that the Song Dynasty became more stable and eventually won the hearts of the people and the world.

Free Reading Highlights:
Liu Ming thought bitterly in secret, but on the surface, he smiled openly and said, “Why? It’s just that my palace thought that the emperor’s brother is used to living a good life in Beijing, so I can’t stand the trouble of being here. I didn’t expect the Emperor Brother would come.”

He invited the Seventh Prince into the county office and offered tea.

On the surface politeness is still needed.

“This king is indeed uncomfortable with the ruin here, but since the emperor’s fate is in his life, he has to come here for a few days as a brother.”

The seventh prince took out the forged appointment letter, opened it half-concealed, and gave Liu Ming a look from a distance, then put it away, laughed and said: “The emperor is afraid that the emperor will be impulsive when you are young. What did you do wrong, wouldn’t it hurt my royal face? Therefore, my father gave him the task of being a brother and appointed him an official post of supervisory envoy. Well, come to monitor the emperor’s brother. The emperor must cooperate with the task of being a brother!”

Liu Ming’s smile disappeared a little bit, his face gradually tightened, and his heart became annoyed: “Song Emperor, you are a fool, which is the cause of trouble? Didn’t you say that you should delegate power to me? Why send someone to monitor me again? , It’s not right! Emperor Song gave me the sword of Fang Fang, and he spoke with me first, just to give me the opportunity to show my talent…”

Suddenly Liu Ming realized that there must be a problem, so he stared at the Seventh Prince and looked at him again, and then suddenly asked: “Impossible? Father said, let me decide this Wannian County by myself. Things, how come you are sent to put on my shoes again?”

He stretched out his hand and said sternly, “Is that appointment book, show me?”

Of course, the Seventh Prince couldn’t let Liu Ming read the appointment letter carefully. It was a forgery. As long as the flaw was discovered, he would face serious consequences.

Although he was the prince, his status was noble, and no one could compare it, but forging the Song Emperor’s appointment letter was a felony, even for him, the prince, it would be too much to go around.

“Hey, my king, I know that you are not what you used to be, and your behavior has changed drastically. In case you tear up the appointment letter, and turn around and sue this king for losing the appointment letter, isn’t this king going to fall? Big mold?”

The seventh prince got up and walked outside while continuing to say: “The appointment book king has been shown to the emperor’s brother just now. What else do you have to look at? Do you suspect that this king can forge the appointment book?”

Upon seeing this, Liu Ming became more suspicious, and snorted coldly: “This palace does have this suspicion.”

“Then your suspicion is really too big, it’s better to restrain yourself! You know, you are not doubting the king, you are doubting the father at all!”

The seventh prince was talking, and he had already walked out of the lobby. He waved to a dozen or so relatives and walked to the next room, and his words were passed into the lobby again, saying: “You are the emperor. It’s better to be careful, don’t act recklessly, otherwise, the king’s responsibility and the emperor’s fate will definitely not be indifferent. Haha…”

Jin Yun realized that the Seven Princes were not good, so he hurried to the front, lowered his voice and asked, “Prince, what shall we do?”

“What to do? Everything goes as usual. This palace is the prince of the East Palace, the prince of the country. Is it still afraid that a prince will fail?”

Liu Ming flicked his sleeves bitterly, walked back, and sat down on the chair.

Although his mouth was still tough, Liu Ming had to admit in his heart that if the Seventh Prince really wanted to hold back everywhere, it would undoubtedly produce greater resistance to his actions.

After night fell, Bai Xiong came to report: “Prince, Zhao Gancheng gathered a crowd for night walks in private, violated the prohibition, and has been captured by the final night patrol, but…”

Liu Ming asked: “Just what?”

“It’s just that Zhao Gancheng yelled that he was the nephew of the Niang Niang Niang, who would dare to help him?”

Bai Xiong even reported: “Walking with Zhao Gancheng, there is also Hongwen Pavilion Scholar Zhang Chang…”

Liu Ming frowned, thinking of the arrival of the Seven Princes, he was keenly aware that this must not be a mere incident, and it didn’t take much thought to know it, it must be the action they made after they discussed it.

If this is not the case, the Seventh Prince, Zhao Gancheng, and Zhang Chang did not appear early or late. Why did they appear at this time?

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