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Dinghai Floating Record (Anime)

Dinghai Floating Record (Web animation)
Other Name: 定海浮生录, Dinghai Floating Record

Genres: Anime, Fantasy

February 2020
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Thousands of years ago, the land of China was filled with auras of heaven and earth, and the exorcists who could drive the aura for their own use were exorcists, and their mission was to prevent the gods and demons from doing harm to the human world. However, in the Han Dynasty, there was a tragedy in which the spiritual energy of heaven and earth disappeared overnight. The history is called “all the way to silence”. The exorcists who lost their power gradually withdrew from people’s sight.

During the Qin-Jin separatist period, wars continued, and the grievances of the dead in vain became the raw material for the resurrection of the gods; in order to stop its conspiracy, Chen Xing , the last great exorcist in the world, took the treasure “heart lamp” boarding in his three souls and seven souls. On the journey, go to Xiangyang City to find the guardian of the law, Xiang Shu, who is destined to work with him to exorcise the evil.

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