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Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸 Episode 1 Recap

Ou Nu is about to be acquired maliciously by the big foreign company SJ. What irritates the winning streak is that his elder brother Qiu Zhijie is still spending time and drinks, and the scandal photos are taken. The winning streak could not be ignored, so he returned from abroad to Shenzhen after five years of absence. In the bar of his friend Jeff, he bought the scandal photos of Qiu Zhijie for 500,000 yuan.

Ou’s chairman Qiu Zhijie was very happy to see that Streak came back. He was about to come forward to give a big hug but was blocked by Streak’s contract. Qiu Zhijie glanced at the contract and said that he knew about it, and that someone really wanted to do some actions on the gulls. Lian Sheng thinks that to solve this problem, he is the only one who will return to Ou’s office as CEO. Qiu Zhijie smiled and said that he is in the position of public or private.

After winning streak, he asked him to watch something, and Qiu Zhijie couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed to see his scandal photos. Back then, Qiu Zhijie married the young and beautiful Yu Jiajie, and now he has created a Yan Peixi who ridiculed his gray-haired and no longer young elder brother who is in good health. Qiu Zhijie thinks this is his own emotional problem, and Streak believes that nothing can affect the development of Ou Nu, and he will solve the problem of the photo. Let Qiu Zhijie solve his personal affairs before discussing business with him.

The beautiful Tao Xiaodi works in Ou’s cafe. In Shenzhen, which is rich and handsome, she always wanted to find a rich boyfriend but failed. On this day, she met the handsome Yingshu, and when he saw his extraordinary appearance, she thought he was rich and handsome. After Yingshu finished ordering coffee, he answered the phone and wanted to go back to the room, so Tao Xiaodi said to deliver it to him in a moment.

Soon she dressed up charmingly, brought two cups of coffee and a love cake to Yingshu. Yingshu said that she didn’t order any cakes, Tao Xiaodi said that she had a treat. Seeing that he was playing photography, she said that she was also interested in photography, so Yingshu took a few photos of her. He heard him call someone else’s boss, thinking that he was a little assistant. She immediately became cold and let him delete the photo. Hideki teased her when she saw her face change so quickly, and Xiao Flute angrily picked up the cake on the table and clasped him. Face.

Tao Xiaodi’s twin sister, the lovely Tao Xiaoting, came to Shenzhen, and Xiaodi told her not to run around waiting for her to get off work. Xiao Ting was sitting obediently on the steps. At this time, Yingshu was driving by when she saw that she thought it was Xiao Flute, so she was so angry that she threw something in front of her after getting off the car. Xiao Ting watched him treat himself Such impoliteness is both angry and inexplicable.

Yingshu came to the hotel’s room 1808 and took a picture of his father Qiu Zhijie. Qiu Zhijie was very annoyed and took his camera and fell to the ground. He accused his son of not doing business, and his son called him a tyrant. The two quarreled. Yingshu left angrily, then Yan Peixi came to find Qiu Zhijie, and he embraced his neck affectionately as soon as they met. Qiu Zhijie hurriedly pushed her away and proposed to break up. He said he only had Jiajie in his heart.

Pexi was very sad when she heard that, she cried and said that Jiajie only had a winning streak in her heart. She didn’t want to break up, but Qiu Zhijie was determined, so she pushed him angrily, and Qiu Zhijie fell on the bed in pain, holding his heart in pain, Pexi saw him hurriedly come to him, he asked her to call Doctor Huang.

At this time, the winning streak knocked on the door. He couldn’t help being surprised to see Pexi open the door. He entered the room and saw his eldest brother fell on the bed and quickly stepped forward for first aid. The chairman has gone.

Streak was very sad. Pexi blamed herself for quarreling with Qiu Zhijie. Stella angrily asked her to leave immediately. When he was standing at the door calming his mood, a man came out from the next room. Stella recognized this. The person who sold him the scandal photos hurriedly chased after him. Unexpectedly, he collided with Tao Xiaoting. He continued to chase him. Tao Xiaoting frowned and picked up the scattered things and put them back in his bag.

Returning to his residence, Streak collapsed on the sofa and closed his eyes in pain. Memories flooded in. Back then, he and Jeff rescued Qiu Zhijie, who was seriously injured in a car accident, from the badly damaged car. The two have become close friends ever since. His name is Big Brother Qiu Zhijie. Big Brother admires him very much. Yingshu also admires him very much. Everyone calls him general. At this time, Yingshu called him and said that his father had an accident, and the winning streak asked him to wait for him on the beach.

He got up and touched his pocket and found that the USB flash drive with the scandal photos of his elder brother was missing. He suddenly remembered when he was in the hotel when he bumped into a girl. Then he came to the beach to comfort the sad Yingshu, so that he could grow up as soon as possible to take on the important task of gulls.

Xiaodi was not satisfied with her appearance, she felt that only plastic surgery could be perfect. She looked for a lipstick everywhere at home, and flipped through Xiao Ting’s bag. The USB fell from the inside and slipped under the sofa. She flipped out a bank card. She couldn’t help laughing that Xiao Ting had saved a lot of money over the years. Lent the money to my sister.

Later, Xiaodi found out that his sister Kari didn’t have much money, and she couldn’t help being frustrated that she was not enough for plastic surgery. While waiting for the bus on the side of the road, I met a self-proclaimed scout who took her to the studio and asked her to sign a contract. Then the director asked her to take off her clothes and take nude photos.

Then she knew she had been cheated. She refused to shoot, and the scout asked her to pay 50,000 damages. Under their threat, she had to give them Xiaoting’s card. Then she sat sadly on the side of the road and saw the plastic surgery advertisement posted on the wall and couldn’t help but determined to change her destiny through plastic surgery. Xiao Ting, who applied to the company, was “closed door” because the interview was not smooth.

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