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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 13 Recap

Qin Lie followed Bu Li and Li Mu to the top of the ice peak. Li Mu explained to Qin Lie the origin of Bingfeng, and the meaning of cold ice contained great luck. Fu Li helped Qin Lie enter the stage of meditation, and the two decided to come back three months later to see if Qin Lie understood the meaning of ice.

Gao Yu was hiding in the cave for cultivating, and unexpectedly saw the soldiers chasing after the emperor nineteen of the shadow house. He saw a stranger breaking in, Gao Yu caught him, who knew he was counterattacked, and saw the arrogant man in front of him. It turned out to be the shadow poster Emperor Nineteen who was arresting in the Senluo Temple.

Xie Jingxuan and Du Shaoyang live peacefully in a paradise. Three months have passed. Du Shaoyang, who has fully recovered from his injuries, has fallen in love with Xie Jingxuan in front of him. Their lives are as sweet as honey, but Du Shaoyang Yang Quan felt that Xie Jingxuan had something to hide from herself. Sure enough, Xie Jingxuan looked embarrassed and revealed to Du Shaoyang the news that Du Haitian was killed by Qin Lie. Du Shaoyang was shocked, and the killing intent was all on his face.

Sure enough, within three months, the spirit roots in Qin Lie’s body had absorbed all the meaning of ice on the top of the ice peak. At this time, Qin Lie had already broken through the peak of Kaiyuan and reached the Vientiane Realm. Fu Qi gifted the Eye of Frost to Qin Lie. After Qin Lie got the key to the world of ice and snow and completed the kindness he owed to Qin Shan, Fu Li and Li Mu decided to leave, learning that Fu Li and Li Mu knew his grandfather, Qin Lie.

After asking anxiously, Qin Shan met with Budi in order to reach the depths of the ice and snow world. Qin Lie was anxious to know what Qin Shan wanted to find, but could only go to the Equipment Sect to dig deeper. However, due to the wanted status, it is recommended that Qin Lie be renamed to prepare for the exam.

Song Tingyu reported the results of the war to Song Yu, the leader of the Xuantian League. Who knows Song Yu asked Song Tingyu to account for why he killed so many innocent villagers. The indifferent and cruel Song Yu not only crushed Song Tingyu’s precious collection jar, but even If Song Tingyu had not been dissuaded from Song Tingyu, Song Yu might not have let Song Tingyu go “easy”.

Du Shaoyang came to Du Haitian’s tomb and wanted to mourn his father. Who knew that the hall master appeared, the hall master proposed to Du Shaoyang a way to regain control of the Xingyun Pavilion, which is to go to Huoyan Mountain to participate in the equipment sect for a year Once enrolled in the assessment. Du Shaoyang wanted to avenge his father. He was burdened with the heavy responsibility of holding the Xingyun Pavilion. So he had to say goodbye to Xie Jingxuan. The two deeply rooted in love were reluctant to give up. Du Shaoyang hoped that Xie Jingxuan would not help him anymore. Power to complete the cause.

The annual assessment is about to begin, and many people have gathered in front of the gate of the appliance sect. At this time, the young master Yi Yuan of Ziwu City appeared and saw the familiar face, Qin Lie was taken aback, but due to the mask on his face, Qin Lie had to curb his actions and observe everything silently. On the other side, Du Shaoyang also appeared.

The former young pavilion master was ridiculed by everyone today. Qin Lie and Du Shaoyang did not say anything, but they faced each other silently, always looking at each other with guard eyes. At this time, Lian Rou, the examiner of the Equipment Sect, appeared and explained the evaluation rules to everyone. Immediately take everyone to visit the interior of the appliance sect.

While visiting and explaining, everyone reached the trial field of the first level, and needed to break through the layers of stone pillars to the top of the mountain. Yi Yuan rushed up first and successfully arrived. Du Shaoyang followed closely. The stone pillar that burst suddenly was the end of the ignorance of the spiritual formation. Qin Lie quickly saw through the mystery and followed the pace of Lian Rou and others.

Everyone soon came to the second level: Wusiya. It takes everyone to pass the maze without distracting thoughts. Passing within a certain period of time is considered as passing. When everyone walked into the road in front of him, Qin Lie didn’t see a road for a long time. It turned out that Ling Yushi’s face kept flashing in Qin Lie’s mind. Knowing that the distracting thoughts in his heart had not been removed, Qin Lie resolutely Looking back, walked out of the cliff of no thinking.

Ling Yushi couldn’t meditate for a few days, thinking about how to kill Gao Yu. Master persuaded Ling Yushi to recognize her true self first, and it is unnecessary to be bothered by momentary distracting thoughts. Ling Yushi returned to the water valley again, looking at the reflection in the water, she couldn’t help being perplexed.

Qin Lie returned to Lingjia Village with the eyes of cold ice. Looking at the Ling family’s old spirit sign, Qin Lie bowed deeply and said goodbye to everything in the past. Then I came to Shuiling Valley again and found Ling Yushi. The two continued to retell the past, and the poetry gave Qin Lie a note, explaining that Qin Lie would open the note after seeing Gao Yu. Qin Lie cautiously asked Ling Yushi whether the previous marriage contract between the two was valid, and Ling Yushi’s words resolved Qin Lie’s inner anxiety, and the two made a promise next to the Shui Ling Valley, agreeing to live up to each other.

Lian Rou brought the remaining four people to the equipment sect. Qin Lie hurried back to Wusi Cliff. Qin Lie, who had returned from Shuiling Valley, really eliminated the distracting thoughts in his heart and came to the equipment workshop.

After the names were reported to each other, Lian Rou was about to continue talking. Unexpectedly, the big sister suddenly appeared. Looking at it, Du Shaoyang found a familiar face. This big sister was clearly her sweetheart Tang Siqi. Du Shaoyang tried his best to conceal his inner shock and warned Xie Jingxuan, but Xie Jingxuan walked up to Qin Lie and called Qin Lie away.

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