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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 8 Recap

On the day when Wang Yan was married, Wang Yan went to the ancestral hall to pay homage to his ancestors before he got married. Wang Lin wanted to tell Wang Yan a few words, but Wang Yan refused to listen to it. He only worshiped the eldest princess and left. Wang Yan pretended to marry into Xiao Qi’s mansion, but there was no smile on his face. He was at the mercy of others like a wooden man, and completed the wedding ceremony without emotion. While the officials congratulated Xiao Qi, a military report came from the generals, saying that the border was urgent and that Hulan had committed the crime.

Xiao Qi hurried to leave. Wang Yan who heard the news in the new house also wanted to go out. Xiao Qi was persuaded by the ministers. Even if the border was in a hurry, Xiao Qi would still need an edict to leave Beijing, but no one could persuade Xiao Qi. After Xiao Qi left, Wang Yan also rushed out of the new house. Song Huai’en was already outside the room. He explained the situation to Wang Yan. He hoped that Wang Yan would take care of the overall situation, but Wang Yan dismissed it. He felt that Xiao Qi was a coward.

The man, only knowing to escape, she took off the knotted hairpin on her head and gave it to Song Huai’en, and asked him to transfer it to Xiao Qi. This knotted hairpin was supposed to be taken off by the woman’s husband himself, and she wanted Song Huaian to tell Xiao Qi that Xiao No one can replace what Qi does. After explaining the matter, Wang Yan walked to the lobby again, saluted everyone, took off the phoenix crown from his head and threw it downstairs.

Time passed, and three months passed. During these three months, Xiao Qi had been going to Huizhou to give gifts to Wang Yan to apologize, but Wang Yan did not reply at all. Song Huai’en complained that Wang Yan was too difficult to coax, and Xiao Qi Tell him to continue giving gifts. Wang Yan has lived in Huizhou for several months. Su Jin’er told her that Zidan and Xiao Qi had sent someone to deliver the letter, but Wang Yan didn’t care about either, just staring at the kite bird in the distance. Su Jiner proposed to return to Beijing after attending the Thousand Yuan Banquet tomorrow, but Wang Yan did not refuse.

Huizhou didn’t have a Thousand Kite Club. In order to please Wang Yan, Mrs. Wu in Huizhou took advantage of Wang Yan’s stay in Huizhou and prepared two months in advance. At this time, Madam Wu’s daughter Hui Xin was performing diabolo on stage. Madam Wu said that Hui Xin had admired Wang Zhang for a long time, and later asked her to greet Wang Zhang. Wang Zhang was having fun on the street, when a person suddenly fell from the sky and took Wang Zhang away. After Wang Yan disappeared, Huizhou was closed.

The culprits placed Wang Yan in the coffin in order to get out of the city. They claimed that the coffin was the son who had died of acne and needed to leave the city as soon as possible. Although the guards were very cautious, they opened the coffin for inspection. However, this coffin had two layers. The upper layer contained the corpse, and the lower layer contained Wang Yan. When the soldier saw that he was really a acne, he let the culprit go.

In the capital, the emperor was awake, but he was unconscious and insane. The prince ordered Xie Wan to take care of the emperor. However, the queen was not pleasing to Xie Wan. She satirized Xie Wan as a few words. The prince returned to the palace to comfort Xie Wanru. Sentence, Xie Wanru did not complain either, only said that he was blessed by the prince, so naturally he would do his filial piety for the prince.

Soon, news of Wang Su’s being tied up spread to the capital. Wang Su wanted to go to Huizhou to find Wang Su in person, but Wang Lin was worried that the princess would not be allowed to leave after knowing that Wang Su’s body would not be allowed to leave, and said that he had been deployed. With all the power going to Huizhou to find Wang Dan.

Xiao Qi also learned the news here, but the imperial court sent Xu Sui to the military parade. At this time, he was out of compliance. Xiao Qi calmly analyzed it. The culprits took a lot of effort to abduct Wang Yan. Wang Yan was a hostage to achieve a certain goal, and the person Wang Yan’s safety could threaten was either Wang Lin or Xiao Qi.

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