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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 6 Recap

The wedding of Qin Lie and Ling Yushi was held as scheduled. Everyone was infected by the cheerful atmosphere with smiles on their faces. On the Xi stage, Song Tingyu’s prepared formations were being arranged in advance, and Qin Lie only needed to find a good time to place the formations. This mana will not hurt the innocent. When the worship ceremony began, Qin Lie quickly placed his eyes on the stage.

The mana quickly worked. Qin Lie got up to reveal the true face of Ling Yushi to everyone, who knows the Ling Yushi before him It was not an illusion, but a real Ling Yu poem. It was not Ling Yu poem that Spirit Devouring Beast possessed, but Song Tingyu who had been making suggestions. Knowing that he was in the game, the Spirit Devouring Beast acted quickly and used the ghost fire skull array previously arranged by Qin Lie to wash Lingjia Town in blood.

Qin Lie used mana to resist. The battle was about to come. The villagers were injured by mana and Ling Chengye tried his best to protect Ling Yu. Poetry, Qin Lie couldn’t use his own thunder power, and was afraid to draw the sky thunder and hurt the innocent. The Spirit Devouring Beast said triumphantly that he had been jumping repeatedly on Song Tingyu and Ling Yushi.

What Qin Lie confessed at the time was the real Lingyu poem. Seeing that Qin Lie was restricted and unable to fight back at this time, and Ling Yushi fell to the ground without waking up, the Spirit Devouring Beast showed the appearance of triumphant success, but there was another sound outside the door, it was the real Song Tingyu Bring the horses to Lingjia Town to catch the Spirit Devouring Beast. Song Tingyu quickly cast a formation around Lingjia Town.

Today’s Spirit Devourer’s aura is damaged, and the mana is equal to Song Tingyu’s. The two attacked each other and their mana was equal. The Spirit Devourer wanted to absorb Song Tingyu’s mana, but the timing was not suitable. Can be chased by Song Tingyu temporarily. Du Shaoyang received Song Tingyu’s order to surround Lingjia Town, but now Lingjia Town suffered heavy casualties.

Song Tingyu did not hesitate to consume the lives of the entire Lingjia Town villagers in order to slaughter the Spirit Eater. In order to understand and save the whole village, Qin Lie insisted on negotiating with Du Shaoyang. As one of the most hated people of the Spirit Devouring Beast, Qin Lie and Song Tingyu would kill each other in front of the Spirit Devouring Beast. At that time, Qin Lie was willing to give all the credit to Du Shaoyang. Du Shaoyang, who was so overjoyed, was also shaken when he heard Qin Lie’s request.

Song Tingyu and the Spirit Devouring Beast are inextricably fought, a trick of the Spirit Devouring Beast accidentally falls into the illusion, Song Tingyu finally sees the man she has secretly loved for many years: Gong Mullie, but that figure is always facing away. By yourself. At this time, the Spirit Devouring Beast turned into Xie Jingxuan’s appearance, mocking Song Tingyu’s unrequited love. When Gong Mulie turned around, Qin Lie grabbed Song Tingyu and pushed her out of the fantasy world. In order to make arrangements, Qin Lie had to fight Song Tingyu.

Intersected by force, Du Shaoyang watched from a distance, only then discovered the true body of the Spirit Devouring Beast, and the crowd once again chased the Spirit Devouring Beast all the way to Secluded Abyss. In order to strengthen the power of thunder, Qin Lie specially injected more power of the sky thunder into the jade card, but Ling Yushi observed the signs of the sky thunder surging, guessed where Qin Lie was, and quickly followed the past.

Song Tingyu quickly led all his subordinates to Xiayuan, and You Jiyuan had a special barrier, which made it impossible for the Spirit Devouring Beast to use illusions. Song Tingyu and Liang Zhong planted an eight-pole formation to control the Spirit Devouring Beast.

Who knew that they put the skeleton ghost fire array on themselves, not only did not get hurt, they even took the opportunity to crack. Seeing that he couldn’t beat the Spirit Devouring Beast, Qin Lie appeared in front of the crowd with the Chu Lei Jade Card, and quickly ordered Liang Zhong to take Song Tingyu away, and he summoned the sky thunder to gather the extremely powerful thunder power to restrain the Spirit Devouring Beast.

After hitting both the Spirit Devouring Beast and Qin Lie, the Spirit Devouring Beast’s soul flew away on the spot, and Qin Lie was forced to vomit blood, and the force of thunder was about to hit Qin Lie. Hua Yu suddenly appeared in his heart and jumped into the abyss, blocking it. In front of Qin Lie, he was hit by a huge thunder and disappeared.

On the other side, Ling Yushi was influenced by the sky thunder and immersed in memories thousands of years ago. It turned out that thousands of years ago, Qiao Chun and Gong Mulie were the sons of God of War and the mother of the earth. They were restricted by rules and could not love each other. They would rather choose to go to the ice and snow. I didn’t want to forget the two, and then they met again as Ling Yushi and Qin Lie.

Song Tingyu came to the abyss, but did not find Qin Lie’s body, only thinking that she died with the spirit-eater. Song Tingyu ordered Du Shaoyang to return to Lingjia Town to remove the rest of the population in order to seal his tongue, and was unwilling to disclose the spirit eating beast. But this time the Spirit Devouring Beast rioted in Lingjia Town, causing a large number of villagers’ deaths. Now there are only dozens of people including Ling Chengye. Hua Yu’s heartbeat and Qin Lie’s whereabouts are unknown. Du Shaoyang is preparing to give an order.

Unexpectedly, at this time, Gao Yu just rushed back to slay Du Shaoyang in the name of the Lord of Extreme Cold. Song Tingyu learned that the Lord of Extreme Cold had once rescued Gao Yu and Qin Lie, so she stopped acting rashly. Only ordered his subordinate Pu Jiao to detain Du Shaoyang. Liang Zhong on the other side persuaded Song Tingyu not to despise the power of the Lord of Extreme Cold. As a seventh-order spirit beast, its mana was even stronger than the peak power of the Human Crushing Realm. Song Tingyu let go of her obsession.

Song Tingyu found Ling Yushi and told Ling Yushi about Qin Lie’s death with the Spirit Devouring Beast. Although her heart was extremely shocked, Ling Yushi suppressed the surging and continued to listen to Song Tingyu talking about dealing with Du Shaoyang. Ling Yushi did not want Xingyun Pavilion to find Lingjiazhen to entangle him in the future. Song Tingyu originally wanted to use Ling Yushi’s hand to provoke the two parties again. Who knows that Ling Yushi did not fall into the trap, but Song Tingyu still kept a hand and arranged for Pu Jiao to provoke the two disputes again in Xingyun Pavilion. .

The capture of the Spirit Devouring Beast and Xie Jingxuan’s death will cause the entire continent to lean towards the Xuantian League. Qin Lie’s meritorious service must not be spread to the far north. Song Tingyu designed to hide the news. Du Haitian on the other side was suppressed by Pu Jiao and had to listen to his orders. Pu Jiao ordered Xingyun Pavilion not to read Lingjiazhen from him. Du Haitian had to pretend to be kind enough to order Du Shaoyang to prepare gifts.

Gao Yu returned to the abyss, watching the traces left by the lightning strike, leaving only the thick black soil, watching the bones of his brothers, Gao Yu hated that it was too late when he came, and there was a sudden movement behind him. It is the Spirit Devouring Beast that still exists, but the current Spirit Devouring Beast is about to be wiped out. Gao Yu can only be found to inherit the Evil Race’s holy ring. Gao Yu, who has always been an ordinary talent, is attracted by the supreme status of the Spirit Devouring Beast.

Gao Yu regrets that the bones of his good brothers are gone, unable to protect the people he cherishes. Now in order to become stronger, Gao Yu accepts the holy ring of the spirit-eating beast and watches Gao Yu put on the holy ring perfectly. The Spirit Devouring Beast couldn’t help sighing that he had finally found the right heir, and Gao Yu in front of him was the best guardian of all spirits of the evil race.

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