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Jinxiwei By Zhou Jianxin

Jinxiwei (Novel)
Other Name: 锦西卫

Genre: novel, history
Author: Zhou Jianxin
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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In 1931, Zhang Tianyi was ordered by his boss to go to the Shenyang team as a deputy. He was originally the company commander of the guard next to Zhang Xueliang. Because he talked about the ambitions of the Japanese every day, the marshal thought he was too talkative, so he sent him back to Shenyang. Before leaving, he was given a few days of vacation, allowing him to take his brother back home to see. But I didn’t expect that not only the old man would meet him at the station, but even the county magistrate and bureau chief would also specially greet him. It was learned from the conversation that the county magistrate was playing an abacus to borrow troops. All of his soldiers were brave and good at fighting. Now, they want to borrow the soldiers in his hand to clean up the green forest and bandits.

Free Reading Highlights:
Suddenly, his eyes fell into the watermelon field, and a big and round watermelon held his eyes. Suddenly, he thought about it, took off the watermelon, cut out the flesh, cut out two holes, and put it on On his head, he took out his armed swimming skills, sneaked into the Houhu Lake, and quietly approached Yilan under the cover of layers of lotus leaves.

Yilan was attracted by the dragonflies standing on the lotus and the butterflies flying on the lotus leaves, and did not realize that the danger was coming. Zhang Tianyi’s hand has reached Yilan’s feet. As long as he stretches out his hand, he can hold her ankle, and with a little force, she can immediately drag her into the water.

This is what he wants to do most in his heart, but calm down and think about it. It’s a bit too much. It’s not frolicking anymore. It drags people into the water and accuses you of murder. It’s hard to argue, and it provokes Yilan’s resentment. , On the contrary, it was self-defeating, so let’s change it. Thinking about this, his hands and feet cooperated in the water and broke a lotus leaf stem.

Yilan saw that under the lotus leaf, air bubbles were rising up one after another, and they were getting bigger and bigger. She thought that the big carp had been attracted and wanted to jump in front of her. She was looking for it with novelty and excitement, trying to see how big “that fish” was and how it jumped up from the water, whether it was a red carp or a black carp.

Zhang Tianyi looked at Yilan’s joyful face and the smooth calf under the skirt. He really liked it. He wanted to touch it too much, but he resisted it. He was afraid to scare her, so he quietly stretched the lotus leaf stem up. Instead of his extended hand, gently scratched Yilan’s calf.

The cold feeling was like a snake, climbing from Yilan’s calf to his thigh, Yilan screamed and jumped up, his eyes turned to his hind legs, but his body leaned forward. With a “chipping”, my feet slipped, and with a “plop”, a splash of water splashed and Yilan fell into the lake.

Yilan couldn’t swim, so she was blindfolded in the water, patted with her hands, kicked with her legs, and her eyes were tightly closed. Zhang Tianyi opened his arms in the water and caught Yilan. He turned Yilan upside down, holding Yilan’s neck and thighs with both hands, so that her face came to the surface, and she couldn’t choke with water. Even so, Yilan was still in panic. She patted the hard watermelon with her hands. Suddenly she found her support, and she scratched it with her hands desperately. The skin of the watermelon cracked, revealing Zhang Tianyi’s true face.

Suddenly a big person appeared in the water, and Yilan was shocked and struggling more fiercely. Zhang Tianyi’s hands no longer held up from the ground, so he had to hold Yilan in his arms and control her random struggle. At that moment, he felt Yilan’s chest, like two small elastic melons, rolling on his chest, Yilan’s legs, like a fish, twisted firmly and smoothly in his hands, and Yilan’s face was as red as a budding lotus.

Zhang Tianyi was drunk.

Yilan’s hand hit him in the face, waking him from intoxication. Zhang Tianyi suddenly realized that even though the sun was scorching, Yilan didn’t like being in the water. He swam to the shore and pushed Yilan onto a solid ground.

Yilan wiped her fingers to the corners of her eyes, not knowing whether it was the tears or the lake that was wiping away, and she was still drenched, walking along the path in the barren meadow, crying towards the county town, cursing Zhang Tianyi, the bad guy, and the gangster.

Zhang Tianyi smiled “hehe”, he was still recalling the feeling of Yilan struggling in his arms, shouting at Yilan’s back, you should not hate me, don’t forget, I just saved your life, you Owed to me all my life.

Yilan was still scolding, the soldier.

Zhang Tianyi was still laughing. He said that the county magistrate’s daughter walked down the street like a buffalo. No one laughed. He went to the simple room next to the waterwheel in my house, twisted the clothes, and dried them before leaving.

Yilan scolded, rascal.

Zhang Tianyi pointed to the sky and said, I just stand here and don’t move.

Although Yilan was still scolding the hooligans, she turned around involuntarily and stepped towards the simple house next to the waterwheel. Only that place could avoid people’s eyes.

This season, the clothes are wrung out, sticked out of the window with a wooden pole, and dried for more than ten minutes. When Yilan was drying her clothes, Zhang Tianyi stayed far away, not to make Yilan feel suspected of voyeurism, let alone let her know that her falling into the water was related to him, until Yilan put on dry clothes and walked out. Follow me, and seriously, you are a knowledgeable person, you should know that I am not playing a hooligan.

Yilan raised her small fist and hit Zhang Tianyi’s strong chest, crying and said, you said you didn’t play a hooligan, and touched my body all over.

Zhang Tian hurriedly held a fist to Miss Yilan, begged Miss Yi, and touched you as a last resort to save you. Don’t say that I am a gangster. If you pass it out, the marshal will shoot me.

Yilan’s eyes widened in surprise, really?

Zhang Tianyi held back, not looking at those big eyes, turned around, turned his back to Yilan, and said loudly, “My father is just one of my sons, and I still want to endorse the elderly for the elderly.”

Yilan covered her mouth and no longer blamed Zhang Tianyi.

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