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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 1 Recap

Spiritual realm – Qin Lie was framed – A group of people gathered in the snowfield in the dark, led by Qin Lie, followed by Ling Ying and Ling Xin. Qin Lie sensed the existence of the silver bell spider, and Yaoyao’s father’s body was lying stiff on the snow. It was guessed that this spider was harming people everywhere. Everyone rushed towards the spirit beast for revenge, but it lost its demon power. Only Qin Lie clenched his fists and released a strong electric shock, which made the spirit beast fall on the ground. under.

In Bingyan City, the young pavilion owner of Xingyun Pavilion, Du Shaoyang, looked at Lingjiazhen not far away and muttered to himself. Du Haitian, the acting pavilion owner, approached his son Shaoyang and advised his son, Shaoyang, to marry him. But Yang accepted it calmly, and didn’t care who his father mentioned, as if he wasn’t interested at all.

The Silver Bell Spider did not fall down, but instead stood up again to attack Qin Lie. After several battles, Qin Lie faced this behemoth and gradually exhausted his thunder power. Ling Ying reminded that he could take out the Chu Lei Jade Card to assist. Qin Lie took out the jade card around his waist and attacked the spirit beast.

The jade card’s energy summoning made the sky change drastically, and the scene of thunderclouds tumbling attracted the attention of the two fathers and sons of the Yang family in Xingyun Pavilion. On the other side of the snowy field, Ling Yushi approached Ling Ying’s group with a torch with a sad expression. His friend Yaoyao was sick, but Yushi, who wanted to go to visit the disease, learned that Yaoyao’s father and brother were doing it.

The spirit core in the spirit beast cured her daughter and died tragically on the snowy field. Seeing the corpse of the friend’s father lying on the ice and snow, everyone was silent. The day of the full moon in Lingjia Town was approaching, and everyone decided to return to Lingjia Town with the bones before the spiritual tide subsided. And Qin Lie carried Ling Yu’s poem that had not recovered from the fire poison, and moved forward in the snowy field.

The next day, Qin Lie woke up from Lingjiazhen, but his friend Hua Yuxin was holding an unknown book, staring directly at Qin Lie, persistently trying to analyze what Qin Lie kept appearing these days. Nightmare. Hua Yuxin suspected that the nightmare originated from the sealed spirit orb of Qin Lie, which sealed Qin Lie’s memories of ten years as a child. Qin Lie had to practice the technique of refining hard, and when the spell was high and strong, he would split the spirit orb to reveal his memory.

But according to the terminology of “Kaiyuan, Vientiane, and Tongyou”, every time one level is broken, there will be a thunder disaster. Regardless of the possibility of surviving Lei Jie, Hua Yuxin was very worried that Qin Lie might harm him by mistake. When the two were talking, Ling Xuanxuan broke into the room and wanted to call Qin Lie to hunt the spirit beast.

However, Qiongyinggu was extremely dangerous, and Qin Lie would naturally not agree to it. However, Qin Er, with a strong personality, refused to give up. Qin Lie used the evening sacrifice to the moon to divert Ling Xuanxuan’s attention and waited for Ling Xuanxuan and Hua Yu to be happy When the man left, Qin Lie started the cultivation mode again, carefully strengthening his thunder power.

On the medicine mountain in Lingjia Town, Ling Yushi carefully grinds herbs and waters the plants. It takes six full years of careful care for the vine fruit in the house to be the result. It is the drug introduction of the old pavilion of the Xingyun Pavilion. Lingjia Town, which has been planting medicine for generations, depends on the Xingyun Pavilion. treasure.

After finishing the trivial matters, Ling Yushi found Qin Lie. Seeing that Qin Lie could cultivate so much power of thunder only in the realm of body refining, Ling Yushi could not help guessing that it was the spirit decision given to Qin Lie by Grandpa Qin Shan. It worked, but it was a pity that Ling Yushi’s water spirit physique was absolutely inappropriate for this spirit, so I had to give up. While eating the food brought by Ling Yushi, Qin Lie once again mentioned his dream and plan to split the Spirit Orb. The ambitious Qin Lie always wanted to improve his ability and went to the Appliance Sect.

Seeing Qin Lie’s excitement, Ling Yushi’s tone became low, and she asked Qin Lie whether there was anything more to nostalgia in Lingjia Town. The innocent Qin Lie didn’t hear the meaning behind the words. The battle between the spirit beasts last night caused Qin Lie to consume the Yixinye that Ling Yushi gave him, and Ling Yushi who cared about Qin Lie had to hand over another Yixinye that he carefully planted. The two once again mentioned the moon worship ceremony in Lingjia Town tonight.

Everyone had the opportunity to write down their wishes. Ling Yushi was curious about Qin Lie’s wish creed, but Qin Lie stubbornly refused to disclose it, even Ling Yushi. When he actively mentioned his creed, Qin Lie didn’t show any curiosity at all. Feeling left out, the arrogant Ling Yushi tidied away the food at once, leaving Qin Lie alone to continue practicing thunder method.

Seeing her sister walking out of the cave, her sister Ling Xuanxuan advised her to give up her attachment to Qin Lie. Qin Lie, who devotes herself to the practice of dangerous thunder method, is in danger at any time. She naturally has no worries in her heart, but Ling Yushi is still caught by Qin Lie. Attracted by his perseverance and strong quality, he must follow Qin Lie’s footsteps anyway.

When night came, Ling Chengye, the lord of the Ling family, presided over the moon worship ceremony. A bamboo flute was blown in the dark, and the sky was full of white snow. Everyone was immersed in the joyful atmosphere of the ceremony, but everyone in Xingyun Pavilion approached Lingjia Town. Arrived with the deacon Zhuo Qian, ordered Qin Lie to be arrested, and forced Qin Lie to the Xingyun Pavilion. Ling Chengye defended Qin Lie, but Zhuo Qian tyrannically accused Qin Lie of slaughtering the lives of 33 people in the village with thunder method.

Only Qin Lie repaired thunder method in the extremely vast snowfield. In the face of unreasonable remarks, Qin Lie just looked at Zhuo Qian and Du Shaoyang indifferently. In order not to delay the celebration of the moon sacrifice ceremony, Qin Lie knew he could not escape the disaster.

The family had to fight secretly in order to win the dominant position. In order to obtain the support of the Ling family, the Du family had to find Qin Lie’s troubles and forced the Ling family to protect Qin Lie and submit. Qin Lie knew this truth well, but still proposed to postpone the interrogation, just to let everyone in Lingjia Town enjoy the celebration at ease. Qin Lie, who is not afraid of power, rejected Zhuo Qian’s offer, and went back to the wood house.

Ling Xuanxuan, Hua Yuxin and Ling Yushi looked at Du Shaoyang and Zhuo Qian who were guarding the door of the firewood room. They had a plan. It turned out that there was a dark hole between the firewood room. Ling Xuanxuan wanted to help Qin Lie escape from birth. God, but Ling Yushi concluded that with Qin Lie’s character, he would not want to escape. Sure enough, although Qin Lie escaped from the firewood room through a dark hole, he just wanted to wait for the full moon to appear.

Hua Yuxin wanted to forcibly take Qin Lie away, but at this time, Du Shaoyang appeared from the side and grabbed the two of them. Seeing that the situation was not good, Qin Lie whispered to Hua Yuxin to pass a message to Ling Chengye. , Said that Yejia wanted to use herself to win Lingjia Town and ask how to deal with it. Then he sternly urged Hua Yuxin to leave.

Du Shaoyang Youyou walked behind Qin Lie, and the two of them had their own thoughts. Du Shaoyang wondered where Qin Lie was ignoring Xingyun Pavilion, and where he wanted to fall. Du Shaoyang, who was also ambitious, wanted to use good intentions. Approaching Qin Lie, Qin Lie still saw through his scheming character. Although the two of them had not shown their moves, their sharp words had already fought a few times, and immediately hostility grew and the atmosphere became tense.

(The plot is an original TV cat, please do not reprint without permission!)

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