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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 36 End Recap

Since the wedding venue was soaked up the next day, and other venues could not be contacted at night, Zhang Mang planned to postpone the wedding later. Lu Ke depressedly said that the wedding invitations were sent out, and both parents and relatives came over, colleagues. My friend also took time off, and she felt it was not good to postpone it at this time. When they were worrying, meditation Yixing rushed to say that the wedding venue was found.

The venue she was talking about was a living home, and this place was meaningful to both Lu Ke and Zhang Mang. Afterwards, everyone came to the living house and arranged it beautifully overnight. The next day Lu Ke called Zhang Mang when she was doing her hair, but she couldn’t get through. She didn’t feel relieved and went to live with her hair curlers on her head. It turned out that Zhang Mang fell asleep on the sofa after finishing the decoration of the living room, and his mobile phone was dead.

Lu Ke was very happy to see that the wedding scene was beautifully arranged, and then she was busy doing makeup. Then Zhang Mang received a call saying that the bride’s bouquet had been sent to the previous hotel and asked him to pick it up by himself. Lu Ke said it was fine without a bouquet. Zhang Mang felt that he couldn’t make do with it. He wanted to give Lu Ke a perfect wedding and make her the happiest bride in the world. Seeing that the time is still too late, he and Ye Zhou went to get the bouquet.

Unexpectedly, when he arrived at the hotel, he was told that the bouquet was mistakenly thrown away as rubbish by the cleaning aunt. Zhang Mang hurriedly searched the trash can to find the bouquet, but found that it became dirty. He was very frustrated and even didn’t want to have this wedding. . Ye Zhou persuaded him that the form is not important. The key lies in the person. He also wants to propose to Guan Yue for Zhang Mang and Lu Ke’s wedding.

Seeing that the time was running low, they hurried back. When there was a traffic jam on the road, Zhang Mang put on Ye Zhou’s sports shoes and ran to the living house. At this time, relatives and friends were waiting very anxiously. Lu Ke had been comforting everyone to wait a little longer, saying that the bridegroom was coming soon. Just as Zhang Mang ran in panting, he apologized to everyone for being late. He wanted to give the bride a perfect wedding but failed.

But on the way back, he figured it out. Life is the same as a wedding. No matter how you prepare, there will still be many unexpected problems. After today, he is no longer afraid because Lu Ke is by his side. I believe that no matter what they encounter in the future Any problem will definitely be solved. Lu Ke couldn’t help smiling brightly as he heard what was in his heart, tears of excitement flashed in his eyes.

The two put on rings for each other, and they made a kiss, Zhang Mang kissed Lu Ke affectionately, and everyone applauded them warmly. Then everyone had a drink, Yao Yuan walked to Si Yi, Si Yi asked him when to go to Russia, and he explained that night. He might not come back this time. He wondered why Siyi came back from Japan to consider their relationship, but why forget it? Siyi smiled and said that she might not love enough. Yao Yuan said it was not enough, it was her. There is always a knot in my heart. He sent Siyi a small box to let her go back and open it again. He hoped she would be happy.

When Siyi went back, she opened the box and there was a USB flash drive with her favorite songs. Listening to the affectionate song, she felt very uncomfortable. She couldn’t help but dial Yao Yuan’s phone and then hung up. Soon Yao Yuan called and she couldn’t tell her heart, so she said she wanted him to help her in Russia. thing.

The next day Siyi had a meeting absentmindedly. Lu Ke saw that she had been checking flight information, so she asked Yao Yuan to make it clear that Siyi dialed his phone and no one answered, saying that he should have been on the plane. Lu Ke glanced at the flight information and couldn’t help but happily said that even God was helping her and the flight was delayed.

She asked Siyi to go to the airport to chase Yao Yuan back, and Siyi immediately took a taxi to the airport. On the way, she sent a message to Yao Yuan and asked him to wait for her. Soon the flight showed that the flight took off normally. Siyi was very disappointed, so she asked her brother to stop by the roadside. At this time, the sky was lightly raining, and she walked with a heavy heart. Tears couldn’t help falling. She took a photo of a building and sent it to Yao Yuan, saying that this was the first place she went after he left.

Looking at the bustling night scene, the scenes of her meeting and falling in love with Yao Yuan resurfaced in her mind. Suddenly she heard someone singing, and she saw Yao Yuan walking towards her holding the guitar while singing. After he received her WeChat message, the phone ran out of power. He thought she was going to keep him. Siyi said who would keep him. Yao Yuan pretended to leave. Siyi said if she could be his girlfriend. Yao Yuan walked over and sent him affectionately. She embraced her.

One day two years later, everyone gathered in a tavern. Siyi was chatting happily with her friends. Yao Yuan came back with his suitcase. He walked gently to Siyi and Siyi could not help but embrace him in surprise. Siyi and Lu Ke have always wanted to let the living family be independent. They found a fund, but the other party asked them to use the funds mainly for e-commerce, so that the content would be squeezed. Lu Ke originally planned to compromise and not let the living family live again.

But Siyi didn’t want to be so wronged, she asked Lu Ke if she was willing to live a hard life with her. Lu Ke laughed and said no matter how hard it was, could it be harder than when it was reissued? They refused to invest together because they knew each other was great. Girls, I believe that with their efforts, they will be able to break new ground in the future.

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