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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 26 Recap

In the dream, Su Xiaowan dreamed that Gu Yanxi disappeared in the dark, and the anxious Su Xiaowan woke up from the dream. Qiuxiang told Su Xiaowan that Gu Yanxi was awake, so Yu Shisu Xiaowan hurried to visit him , Unexpectedly, Gu Yanxi had lost her memory and didn’t know Su Xiaowan anymore. Cheng Qianyu hurriedly helped Gu Yanxi back to the room and told Su Xiaowan not to irritate him.

Don’t feel sad when Ru Ying goes to see Su Xiaowan. After a while, Gu Yanxi will recover and write that he will treat Gu Yanxi’s memory. The mother said that Yuanhe had protected Gu Yanxi and deported Yuanhe to Gu’s house. Cheng Qianyu also reported the matter to her grandma, but she didn’t say anything about her behavior. What Madam should do. Cheng Qianyu also invited Mrs. Zhao from the palace to Gu Yanxi for treatment in exchange for the nurse’s favor.

Su Xiaowan was in a bad mood because of Gu Yanxi’s amnesia. Gu Ziqian went to chat with her and asked Su Xiaowan what she would do if Gu Yanxi never remembered her, so Su Xiaowan wanted Gu Yanxi to like herself once. Gu Ziqian said that Cheng Qianyu invited Gu Yanxi to the doctor and returned to the hospital. Although the doctor was inferior to Ru Ying, it would not do any harm to Gu Yanxi.

Cheng Qianyu accompanied Gu Yanxi to check the account book. Su Xiaowan ran to the window to visit him. Unexpectedly, Gu Yanxi and Cheng Qianyu were about to make each other, so Su Xiaowan would throw Xiaozhu in to disrupt their progress. .

Cheng Qianyu watched a pig go in and would drive it away. Su Xiaowan went in and said that it was given to her by Gu Yanxi. Maybe the pig could evoke Gu Yanxi’s memory, but Cheng Qianyu He didn’t want to live with a pig, so Gu Yanxi asked Cheng Qianyu to move out and live for a while. That would be helpful for him to awaken his memory, and he could also handle some things at work. Su Xiaowan hurriedly interjected She said that she wanted to stay and help Gu Yanxi handle the accounts, but was driven out by Gu Yanxi.

After going out, Cheng Qianyu asked Su Xiaowan to pay more attention. After all, she is Gu Yanxi’s wife. Su Xiaowan deliberately wanted to sabotage them today. But Su Xiaowan said that Gu Yanxi had lost her memory. Marrying Cheng Qianyu only temporarily helped her through the difficulties. Gu Yanxi had a sweetheart a long time ago, and she did it just to prevent her brother from regretting things. Cheng Qianyu was unwilling to show weakness and asked Su Xiaowan. After Gu Yanxi was injured, Su Xiaowan has been with Gu Yanxi all the time, but the sweetheart of Gu Yanxi has disappeared. No matter what happened before, now Gu Yanxi It is her who loves her.

The next day, both of them sent Gu Yanxi some delicious food. Unexpectedly, Gu Yanxi didn’t like to eat any of them. This disappointed both of them. When Gu Yanxi was sorting out the accounts, both of them went to dance to relieve his boredom, and Gu Yanxi was upset. After that, the mother and Cheng Qianyu said that they should hurry up and have sex with Gu Yanxi, otherwise they would have a chance to go back when she regained her memory.

The grandmother and grandma told Cheng Qianyu to move to the Yanxi room as soon as possible, so that she would hug her grandson sooner. Su Xiaowan knew that Gu Yanxi’s body was almost recovered, so she rushed to find Ru Ying to treat him with amnesia.

Grandma told the maid that she must be more vigilant in the future. There are too many people who conduct erroneous tests now, and they don’t know when something goes wrong. At this time, the man went in and reported that someone outside the door was looking for her, saying that she had found Miss Wan’er. But the grandma said that Wan’er was in the house, and the servant said that Wan’er did have a birthmark on his arm, so the grandma asked the servant to bring her in quietly.

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