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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 42 Recap

Hu Tianying successfully infiltrated 48 villages. Xie Yun picked mountain flowers as a gift.

In that year, Zhou Yitang’s private robbers solved the disaster of the destruction of the 48 villages, and therefore took responsibility for himself, deposed martial arts in front of the soldiers, and protected the strictness of the military rules.

Now Zhou Yitang has regained military power as a waste of people, which shows the high level of his strategy. Someone assassinated him on his way back to the 48th village, which naturally also expected Zhou Yitang.

Yu Wenzhi’s people sneaked into Zhou Yitang’s carriage at night, and found that there was no one in it empty. They knew the trick and hurriedly evacuated. Unexpectedly, Zhou Yutang was indeed in the team, but he disguised himself as a soldier accompanying him and successfully retired without fighting.

Further ahead is the 48th village boundary. Zhou Yitang ordered to rush back to the military camp to preside over the overall situation, and solemnly told the other party not to mess with any gossip. Zhou Yitang seemed to know that this was a nine-death life, and in his words, he intended to hand over the military power to Wendi again.

By the Ximo River, Zhou Fei’s martial arts practice made Xie Yun sink into it. He drew portraits to make Kong Ming lanterns. The two watched the Kong Ming lamp in their hands fly to the sky, bringing their longing for freedom to come and go with their wishes to come true. Such a peaceful life is what Xie Yun wants in his life. Every moment of life is the most precious moment for each other.

That night, Hu Tianying disguised himself as a doctor and sneaked into Chen Zichen’s house and won the trust of Mr. Bai with her superb medical skills. On the bed, Chen Zichen was unconscious. The three or five doctors were arguing about his condition until his face turned red but there was nothing he could do.

Chen Zichen’s coma was originally caused by Hu Tianying’s poisoning. Seeing a pair of medicine from the other party, Mr. Bai immediately turned Chen Zichen into danger and woke up, so he trusted Hu Tianying more. Hu Tianying means that Chen Zichen is a lovesick and wants to completely remove the lesion, only 48 villages to propose relatives.

Without Shen Tianshu’s help, Yu Wenzhi would not have expected to successfully assassinate Zhou Yitang. Yu Wenzhi intended to use Hu Tianying to get involved in it, sneaked into 48 villages alone, forcing Shen Tianshu to take action. Who would have thought that Shen Tianshu was unmoved from beginning to end. He mainly turned against customers and threatened Yu Wenzhi not to touch the treasure of the sea and the sky after cooperating to seize the water ripple tokens.

Under the mediation of Mr. Bai, Chen Zichen came to the 48th Village to propose marriage with a heavy bride price. Hu Tianying successfully sneaked into the 48th Village and acted alone on the grounds of physical discomfort. Chen Zichen and Mr. Bai never doubted Hu Tianying’s identity at all, and directly met Li Yurong and proposed a marriage.

Forty-eight villages never care about such vulgar gifts at the foot of the mountain. Men and women love each other by their own will. Chen Zichen came to propose marriage, and naturally he only needed Zhou Fei’s consent. Zhou Fei heard that Chen Zichen came to propose marriage. Instead of being in a hurry, she deliberately asked Li Yan to test Xie Yun’s mind.

Zhou Fei ignored Xie Yun’s anxious appearance and took Chen Zichen to the Ximo River alone. In a martial arts competition, Zhou Fei threatened to wash a wild flower on the stone in the Mojiang River as a bride price on the pretext that Chen Zichen’s martial arts were mediocre, but failed to let the other party know that it was difficult.

Ximojiang is guarded by the array. Xie Yun took wild flowers directly, so that Chen Zichen understood that only he could afford the bride price.

When Chen Zichen learned that Xie Yun and Zhou Fei had already promised each other for life, he suddenly felt regretting the marriage, and it was even more difficult to understand that Xie Yun was willing to demote himself and enter the 48th village. But for Xie Yun, it is enough to live a stable life in the village, teach and educate people, and stay with Zhou Fei in the future.

In this case, Xie Yun took advantage of being alone with Zhou Fei to formally propose marriage to his beloved with a mountain flower in his hand. Xie Yun admitted that his life was thin, his body was thin, his kinship was thin, and he had no long life. He only wished to live up to Zhou Fei. If he did not die for a day, he would not give up for a day.

The marriage offer has been completed. Xie Yun Li Yan helped prepare the surprise and told Li Yan to go down the mountain to Hanshui Town to play a pot of Zhou Fei’s favorite wine. Li Yan originally wanted to take Yang Di to go with her.

Unexpectedly, this fool was obsessed with studying knife skills with his disciples in the village. After forgetting the matter of going down the mountain, Li Yan had to go alone.

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