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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 36 End Recap

Because a large number of corpse turtle kings rushed over, Wu Xie and the others desperately made marks on the chains and prepared to get away, but accidents always happened. The mysterious person appeared before, and the black glasses dragged the person to jump. They entered under the iron plate, and let the two of them seal the sacrificial plate. They also said that they would be able to make it. Although Wu Xie and the others were heartbroken, they had to do it.

The third photo was successfully transmitted to Yano. The old lady Huo saw that the last moment had arrived and the outfitting team had to enter the mountain. Huo Xiuxiu wanted to go with her grandma, but she was still stunned and left behind and locked in a wooden house. Mrs. Huo knew that she couldn’t let her granddaughter follow the adventure after nine deaths.

In Yanjiao Mountain, Fatty and the others were about to be frozen into popsicles. After waiting for a long time, they finally came to Huo’s house, and the other party respectfully handed the photo to Wu Xie.

After Xiaohua sent the photo to Banao, she found that something was wrong. A stone collapsed and got stuck in the seam. The corresponding stone was not pushed out. But on this side, they opened the stone door and went in. . “Shoulder Shoulder” silently watched the group of people, but did not follow up this time.

Wu Xie could no longer contact the little brother Fatty. After coming out of the cave, the little third master’s heart was ashamed. The little brother and the others trusted him so much, but he misinformed the fake password and passed by. Some of them might be able to escape if they are skilled. If it’s a little bit worse, wouldn’t it be ruined inside?

He sat on the ground stupidly, could it be said that when Papa Panma’s words became true, he and his little brother would eventually kill each other. Xie Yuchen’s mood was not much better. There was no news from the black glasses, and the man turned the whole mountain almost again, and there was no sign of him.

Seven days later, Wu Xie finally couldn’t sit still. He stuffed his equipment into the car and wanted to find someone in Guangxi. He immediately contacted Pan Zi and wanted to find a few brothers to go with him, but learned that since the third uncle had left. Almost all the people underneath rebelled. Pan Zi was struggling to support him alone in the mouth of Changsha, while others were light-hearted. Only a few of his uncles agreed to meet.

After arriving at the appointment place, even though Wu Xie had already prepared, he was so angry that he almost crushed his posterior teeth by these former uncles. These people were actually fighting Sanshu’s house and Wu Shanju’s idea. Pan Zi clashed with the other party in a rage. Wu Xie was unable to persuade him to fight, and was also subdued in place by a group. It really was someone taking the tea cold.

Wu Xie never knew that Wu Shanju had become such a mess. No one was willing to go to Guangxi. He had to ask his second uncle for help. After contacting his second uncle, Wu Xie hurriedly left a letter and rushed to Hangzhou. On this trip to Guangxi, Pan Zi can no longer be brought along. Whether it is the West Queen’s Palace or the old shop in Changsha, Pan Zi has done too much for him, and the injuries on his body have hardly recovered.

Wu Xie was not the only one who came to see the second uncle, but also Xiao Hua. Xiao Hua said that the third uncle’s heart was really cruel. She deliberately tried to get Wu Xie into the game, but she used a trick to “escape the golden cicada”, and she probably wanted to get rid of “it” again. However, as long as one person in Wu Sanxing’s reconciliation chain is still alive, the “third uncle” is not dead if he writes his identity, he is still in the game.

The third uncle has been gone for a long time. The life and death of Mrs. Huo is uncertain. The first and second generations of the Jiumen have been folded into the hands of “it”. Xie Yuchen finally took out one thing: a human skin mask that resembles the third uncle. Only in this way can he Interfering with “it”, “it” is not a single person, not a team, “it” is the sum total of people who want to obtain longevity over the years, whether it is the archaeological team many years ago or the expedition team that Wu Xie and the others went west. “It” has always been ubiquitous.

It seems that the third uncle has never really existed. He always hides behind things. He is just an identity, a guide, and a person who brought Wu Xie into the game. Nine gates selected Wu Xie. His growth experience since childhood Being deliberately imitated to become someone else, Wu Xie didn’t have the choice, so he had to wear a human skin mask and became the “third uncle”. Perhaps, being replaced is also a kind of longevity.

The human skin mask can only last for the surrounding area. All the mysteries have not been solved yet. All the answers are in the ancient building of the Zhang family. The life and death of many companions is uncertain. He has never felt so lonely before and now, but Wu Xie Can’t stop, for the sake of Jiumen, for the third uncle and younger brother, he has to embark on this path of his own choice again…

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