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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 35 Recap

Wu Xie desperately stopped the mysterious man, took the opportunity to pour gasoline on him, and threw it over after lighting up the lighter. The man instantly burned into a fireball, and then rolled under the device. Unfortunately, misfortune did not come singly.

As soon as the trouble was solved, the pheasant’s neck flew towards him, and Wu Xie’s eyes went dark and she passed out. When he woke up, Xiao Hua told him that fortunately, the fangs only scratched his fingers, which allowed him to escape.

What is surprising is that Wu Xie was so dizzy that he actually wrote a string of numbers. This string of numbers not only appeared on Xiaohua’s uncracked piece of Lu Huangbo, but also the registered account of Jude Kao. What happened? Wu Xie also didn’t know clearly, so she could only put it aside and move on. However, in a moment, they came to the control room of the upper level agency.

Here, the two discovered the bronze cryptographic module, lamenting that only bronze can guarantee the integrity and stability for so long. This thing is not the handwriting of Xie Lei, but the Zhang family designed it. No matter what dynasty or when, as long as the template is in the hands of the Zhang family, there will be no major problems where the old Zhang family building is moved.

The latter two cleverly tried out the code, the mechanism slowly turned, and the two were ecstatic. The relief on the outside really changed, and several new bumps appeared. As long as Hano pressed it according to the photo they took, You can open the door. The Zhang family used such complicated and troublesome methods to prevent unpredictability.

On Banao’s side, the fat man pressed a few stones on the relief after receiving the photo, and the door really opened. The group of people continued to move forward. The hallway was very quiet and unusually quiet. Not far from the front, several statues were found. It was the 犼 on the relief. Before they came closer to observe, the stone slab in front of the statue suddenly fell. Knee-high fire, and countless dark arrows were spit out from Jian’s mouth.

Among those present, the only one in the audience was the Zhang family. He pondered for a moment, took off his shirt to reveal the unicorn tattoo, pulled out the ancient black gold knife and killed him. Sure enough, the correct way to pass the test lies in the body of the younger brother. The “collapsed shoulders” in the middle appeared again, and this person has been following them all the way, and the ghost is still there.

Mount Siguniang, Wu Xie and the others came to the corridor leading to the second organ. The layout here is exactly the same as the first one. Soon the new code was passed to Fatty. Fatty did the same, and opened the door by pressing the stone on the relief. , But it is strange that the temperature in the second door is extremely low, and there is a piece of cold jade in front of it, dare you to feel that this is a morgue?

After pondering for a while, the little brother sprinkled cinnabar powder into the cold jade groove, and was surprised to find that it was actually a picture of a unicorn stepping on a ghost, that is, a plan view of a ghost seal. There are three little ghosts on the ghost seal without heads, and everyone follows the ghost seal. After finding three gaps in Hanyu, Xiaogeqi’s long fingers stabbed, Hanyu unexpectedly opened.

What you see is a stone slab used by the Zhang family to transport the corpse, and there is also a passage in front of him. In order to find out what was going on ahead, he flashed in from the passage. After a while, the passage opened and he was sealed in a translucent amber stone. The fat man was so scared to death, it took a lot of effort to break the stone and save the man. Came out.

Wu Xie and Xiao Hua stayed in the sun at the entrance of the cave after unlocking the second password. Wu Xie panicked and proposed to look for black glasses, but Xiao Hua objected. Black glasses has already said that he has his own arrangements, and Xiao Hua also believes in the ability of black glasses that there will be no accidents. Moreover, he and Jiu Men must be inextricably linked, and he knows the reasons for it. But seeing Wu Xie so curious, he talked about another piece of Luhuang silk he found, which was completely different from the previous one.

The story without a map on it was the preface of the story. In the legend, the only people who search for the art of longevity Queen Mother of the West succeeded, and King Zhou Mu went to pay a courtesy visit, and the two met for a long life together. But King Zhou Mu deceived her. After Queen Mother West entered the death jade, King Zhou Mu did not enter. He thought of another way and created two jade figurines. He wanted to regain a new life with the body of a baby, but unfortunately Yes, it failed in the end.

The fat man immediately took a relief photo and passed it to Wu Xie. Siguniangshan did not dare to neglect, and immediately returned to the office. The floor tiles of the third office were very loose. Before the two of them could think carefully, the overwhelming corpse turtle suddenly Flew out. But the strange thing is that the clay pot is not broken, how did the corpse turtle come out?

The two were unwilling and desperately wanted to get the password, but after they went back, they found that the channel seemed to have changed. It was not the way they were just now. They were also the monk Zhang Er who was puzzled. At this time, the black glasses suddenly appeared, and he also came from something else.

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