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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 13 Recap

Shangguan Qianqian didn’t want to stay in Qixia Villa. Brother Hong tried to persuade her to go back, but Shangguan Qianqian couldn’t listen to a word. They returned to the inn and met Chu Yunxiao and Leng Xingchen at the door. They said that Shangguan Rufeng was injured. Shangguan Qianqian hurriedly went in to see him, and Chen Feng said that he had just fallen asleep. Shangguan Qianqian said that she would not interrupt him to rest, and Chen Feng allowed her to go in and see Shangguan Rufeng.

Things didn’t go as smoothly as Ghost Ghost had expected. He accounted Liu Ruyi, who was willing to be punished. Master Ghost once again asked her to complete a task, which was to kill Chu Yunxiao. Liu Ruyi was unwilling, so Young Master Ghost provoke her and Chu Yunxiao’s relationship, saying that Chu Yunxiao proposed to divorce her because of Leng Xingchen.

Gao Yue returned to the house, and after a few words with his father, he went back to the house under the pretext of being tired. Ji Xuanyuan asked Hu Wanhua what his illusion was in Huihungu that day. Hu Wanhua lied that he saw him, Ji Xuanyuan and Gao Yue drinking, but Ji Xuanyuan was still puzzled. At this time Gao Yue, remembering Hu Wanhua’s words in the illusion, decided not to think about those children’s love affairs.

Liu Ruyi appeared in Chu Yunxiao’s room, using a xun to make him fall into a dream. She drew out the sharp blade and started to attack Chu Yunxiao. But when she hesitated, a man in black appeared behind her. The other party wanted to kill Chu Yunxiao. Liu Ruyi fought him. After awakening Chu Yunxiao, the two escaped. Hearing the movement, Ji Xuanyuan came, Chu Yunxiao told him not to tell Leng Xingchen and Hu Wanhua about this.

Chu Yunxiao knocked on Shangguan Rufeng’s door and talked about the assassination just now. Shangguan Rufeng worried about his sister’s safety, so he asked Chen Feng to check. Chu Yunxiao said that the woman just now looked like a murderer in Huihungu, because she had a unique fragrance. Shangguan Rufeng thought he knew the woman, but Chu Yunxiao said that he didn’t know her at all.

In order to avoid stunning the snake, Chu Yunxiao hopes to tell him this tonight, don’t let other people know, Shangguan responds like the wind. On the second day, unknowing Hu Wanhua woke up and said that he hadn’t slept well all night. Chu Yunxiao teased him that it was poisoning and should go to the Huashan School to detoxify. Hu Wanhua was embarrassed and fled the scene with the excuse of drinking.

Linger heard that Gao Yue was about to get married, and hurried back. She could see that Gao Yue was not happy about getting married, but rather worried. She guessed that Gao Yue didn’t like Nangong Ye and wanted to ask her master to find out, but Gao Yue stopped her. In the inn, Hu Wanhua heard that the Scimitar League had been killed. After asking about it, he learned that it was the poisonous hand of the Ghost Master.

He returned to the inn and told Chu Yunxiao and Ji Xuanyuan about the incident. Chu Yunxiao asked him to go to the Huashan School to find Gao Yue, but Hu Wanhua was still very entangled, and went to drink to relieve his sorrow. Gao Yue was also drinking at this time, Linger saw that all she was calling out were Hu Wanhua’s name, and planned to bring Hu Wanhua to him. Chu Yunxiao bought two altars of daughter red, deliberately got drunk to attract Liu Ruyi, and finally captured her.

Liu Ruyi asked him why he regretted his marriage five years ago, but Chu Yunxiao didn’t know her at all. Later, Ji Xuanyuan and the others came, and Liu Ruyi was poisoned with no cure, and he vomited blood into a coma. Chu Yunxiao asked Ji Xuanyuan what else he was hiding from herself, but Ji Xuanyuan refused to say. Leng Xingchen checked the injury for Liu Ruyi and came out. Chu Yunxiao explained that he didn’t know why an inexplicable fiancee appeared out of thin air.

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