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Who Killed The Good Man (2021) 大債時代

Who Killed The Good Man (2021)
Other Title: Era of big debt, a large debt era, 大債時代

Genres: Business, Life, Drama, Investigation
Release Date: 
Jan 2, 2021 – Jan 16, 2021
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  • Austin Lin as Yang Da Qi
  • Esther Huang as Cai Chun Shan
  • Bryan Chang as Fan Zhong Liang
  • Tina Chou
  • Edward Chen as He Shuo Yi
  • Lily Pan

“The Age of Great Debt” describes the contemporary young people entering society and are forced to face the pressure of debt. “Who Killed” (English: Who Killed) the Good Man), a Taiwanese miniseries in 2021. Starring by Lin Baihong, Li Peiyu, Huang Yingyi, Chen Haosen, Zhang Shuhao. A total of 6 episodes. “Big Debt Times” is watched online, the complete works have 6 episodes, and 2 episodes are updated every Saturday at 23:00. “Big Debt Times” Synopsis: Yongqing, Tongqi, and Aliang are the best buddies in the sprint class. Unexpectedly, it was Aliang’s funeral to meet again after many years of social life. The death was suspected to be related to debt pressure and committed suicide. The two want to help their widow Chunshan deal with debts, but in fact they are also facing a financial dilemma that they cannot protect themselves…

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