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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 19 Recap

Zhong Wumei asked how Hua Yingchi and Lin Luojing met. Hua Yingchi was the first to say that he happened to meet Lin Luojing who was chased by bandits. Since then, she has become fate, but she did not expect that she was already Yuan. Princess Zheng. Lin Luojing respected his choice and did not refute it.

After being rescued, Jin Chen returned to the lair, angrily indicating that he had the chance to win, but a flower appeared late, and Xiao Yubai died. Yiyi sat next to Liu Xiuwen and looked at Liu Xiuwen’s uncomfortable look. She thought it was Jin Chen’s poison that had gone, so she asked Jin Chen to get the medicine. Jin Chen returned to her because of the injuries suffered during the fight, not poisoned at all, just a few days off.

Listening to Jin Chen talking about crystal beads, Liu Xiuwen took out the crystal beads from his arms and wanted to make a second transaction with him. Liu Xiuwen wanted the antidote to Hanshuangxue and the record about the crystal beads. After opening, he would give the crystal beads to Jin Chen.

Facing the wanted Jin Chen in the city, he knew that he couldn’t escape, so he agreed to give Liu Xiuwen the record of the crystal beads and an antidote. Jin Chen’s current situation must find a way for himself. An antidote represents his sincerity and avoids Liu Xiuwen’s bite.

Zhong Ziyun was worried that he did something wrong this time, and Hua Yingchi would not like her anymore. Lin Luojing said that there was a reason for the matter and it was understandable. Zhong Ziyun said that although she is a princess, she is also a disciple of the Tianyi School. She grew up in the Tianyi School, and she has become accustomed to being a princess in Shengjing. Instead, she will be restrained. The purpose of her coming back this time was to find flowers and respond late. Now that people have found them, she has changed back. Wandering around the world is her life’s direction.

In Qiyu’s palace, Liu Xiuwen was holding his chest and was seriously injured. Yiyi was very worried about him and took out the only antidote for him to eat. Liu Xiuwen refused. He said that even if he was injured, his body would be much stronger than her, so he let her eat. Liu Xiuwen said that he could last until Qiyu’s weather was smooth with crystal beads, and Jin Chen handed him another antidote.

The four said goodbye, and Hua Yingchi took Zhong Ziyun away. Because Zhong Ziyun hadn’t learned the flying technique, the two had to walk. Zhong Ziyun started crying as soon as she left. She said that she was reluctant to bear the two emperor brothers and everything about Shengjing, and walked over to cry on Hua Yingchi’s shoulder. Huaying touched her head to comfort her. After she reacted, she quickly backed away and apologized.

Zhong Wumei knew that the relationship between Lin Luojing and Hua Yingchi was not so simple, but he was not angry. If Jin Chen didn’t catch it in one day, their danger would increase by a minute. Zhong Wumei asked Lin Luojing to be more careful. Lin Luojing made a great contribution this time. Zhong Wumei felt that if they re-hosted the wedding, the saint would not have any objections. Lin Luojing was very happy.

Zhong Wumei hurriedly rushed into the palace to see the saint. The saint knew that his body was no longer good, but he had not found a murderer who harmed Shengjing before. He could not let go. Now that the dust settled, his heart was at ease. The sage agreed that Zhong Wumei assisted the little prince, but if the little prince became unbearable in the future, he would entrust Zhong Wumei to Zhong Wumei. The saint told Zhong Wumei not to trust anyone, and then died. Zhong Wumei burst into tears and was very sad.

Jin Chen was very happy to learn of Zhong Shili’s death, and asked about other circumstances, Liu Xiuwen told him the answer. Jin Chen felt unfair for his father. At the beginning, his father worked hard and was beheaded for a small mistake. He wanted to destroy the entire Shengjing. Jin Chen heard that the crystal beads had the effect of reviving the dead, and he wanted to resurrect his father and let his father come back upright.

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