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Skate-Leading Stars

Skate-Leading Stars (Anime)
Other Name: 花樣滑冰Stars, スケートリーディング☆スターズ,英语:Skate-Leading☆Stars

Genres: Animation
Toshinori Fukushima

January 10, 2021
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Skate-Leading☆Stars is an original Japanese anime television series. “You can’t beat me in your life.” The competitor Shinozaki Reho’s words made Maejima Ayaharu give up figure skating. A few years later, Maejima, who became a high school student, relied on his excellent motor skills to act as a foreign aid for various clubs, but he was never keen on anything, so he wasted his time. One day, Maejima saw his former opponent Shinozaki hold a press conference and announced that he would switch from a personal project to Skate-Leading. Then a boy who claimed to be Hayato Ryuishi appeared in front of Maejima. He seemed to know Maejima’s past active performance in individual figure skating events, and said “I need you” to Maejima, and invited him into the world of figure skating team competition Skate-Leading.

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