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Pretty Men (My Bittersweet Family)

Pretty Men (My Bittersweet Family)
Also known as: Gwiyeowoon Namja, 귀여운 남자

Genre: Drama
South Korea
Kim Jeong-Uk
Lee Byeong-Hun
Release Date:
January, 2021
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  • Shin Min-Jae as Ki-Sung
  • Hwang Jung Yoon as Hye-Jung
  • Hong Ha Naim as Jin-Joo
  • Lee Jin Ri as Il-Young
  • Kim Hyun Woo as Nam-Hun

Ki-Sungis a divorcee. His ex-wife Hye-Jung is now married to an alumnus. He also has a troublemaker father and a daughter Jin-Joo going through puberty. Ki-Sung’s dream is to remarry Hye-Jung and live together as a family in a big apartment. One day, Ki-Sung meets Il-Young. She works at a bank and she tells him that he is cute.

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