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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 39 Recap

His lips were touching, and the weak temperature was flowing between his teeth. Xie Yun never thought that his first kiss had disappeared in Zhou Fei’s initiative. On weekdays, Xie Yun often looks like a rascal, but now Zhou Fei has gotten into his heart first. Zhou Fei has always been ignorant of love, and he lives like a man. Now that he takes the initiative, he is rarely shy.

Although there is no living together, but it can be regarded as staying together for a lifetime. Xie Yun had no regard for life and death. Now he can meet Zhou Fei at the end of his life. Even if he can only stay together for a year, he will have no regrets in this life. If the poison of bone green cannot be solved in one year, Zhou Fei will return to the Forty-Eight Village for this life.

Xie Yun mentioned the land of Xiangshui as the place where his father buried his bones. At that time, Xie Yun was only one year old, and later became a prince in exile from a royal family. Whenever he encounters difficulties and confusion in the future, he will always have a thought, as if only Xiangshui can find the answer.

Liuzhuang’s mother’s birthday is approaching, and Li Sheng and a group of people in the arena prepared hidden weapons, just waiting for Yin Pei to throw himself into the net. Prior to this, Li Sheng also prepared two letters, one to Yang Jin and one to Zhou Fei, inviting to kill Yin Pei’s plan. Because of the Phoenix Pill, Yin Pei’s martial arts has improved a lot. Zhou Fei had already learned it. Now seeing Li Sheng want to kill him, he hurried to Liujiazhuang to help.

On the day of the birthday, True Man Qinghui really appeared in Liujiazhuang, and was easily hit by the organ set up by Li Sheng. Just when everyone wondered how Real Qinghui could be so vulnerable, seven real Qinghui suddenly appeared at the same time. Although several Qinghui real men dress the same, but they have different body shapes. Wu Chuchu, who came to collect martial arts classics, can tell at a glance that there is no Yin Pei among them.

Things surpassed everyone’s expectations. The indignant warriors of the rivers and lakes were doing their best at this moment. Only the owner of Liu Zhuang and his mother were willing to fight to the death. The two sides fought, and the few real Qinghui actually used the tactics of Qimen formation, Yang Jin responded to Li Shengzhi’s request to join the battle and delay the time.

Li Sheng saw several stone tablets in the courtyard, and immediately used the method of Qimen to introduce several Qinghui real people into them, and smashed them one by one. With the help of Mrs. Nishang, Yin Pei, who was hidden in the room, had nowhere to hide, and was chased by Zhou Fei who happened to arrive in the woods not far away.

The two were evenly matched in martial arts, and both hit the other side. Yin Pei’s thinking was paranoid, and coupled with the effectiveness of the Phoenix Pill, he couldn’t listen to Zhou Fei’s persuasion. Yin Pei wanted to see Zhou Fei’s life-saving grace and wanted to let her make a living, but how could Zhou Fei be a person who is greedy for life and fear of death, not to mention that Yin Pei was unable to lift the sword at this time.

Zhou Fei was about to get up to attack, but seeing several Qinghui real people popping up around him again, Yin Pei also took the opportunity to escape. Zhou Fei was already injured, and the “Broken Cover” was broken as a result. Just as she could hardly resist, one of the real Qinghuis turned to the enemy and died together with the others.

When he was dying, the iron mask broke apart, revealing Zhu Chen’s face. If given the opportunity, Zhu Chen always wanted to invite Zhou Fei back to Xingnanmen. This was the season when the sweet-scented osmanthus was everywhere. It must have been a beautiful scene, but it was a pity that he died here before he got his wish.

If Zhou Fei had just gotten down the mountain, Zhou Fei would definitely not lead the love of rescue, and would even feel that such a deed was only worthy of the words “inexplicable”, but the current Zhou Fei was already emotional, so that he could fully understand Zhu Chen’s experience. How deep the mind is.

This strangulation plan allowed Yin Pei to escape, but it also saved several young descendants who went astray and listened to Yin Pei’s slander. Everyone present, including Master Liu Zhuang, were all impressed by Li Sheng’s chivalry, and deliberately elected him as the leader of the martial arts.

Facing the flattery of the crowd, Li Sheng was not lost in his pride, but had a clear heart and refused to lead the crowd. If you don’t have the talents that match it, sitting in a high position will only attract the coveting of others, and it is not known whether it is a blessing or a curse.

This time, Wu Chuchu proposed to various schools to organize martial arts classics. His own martial arts can be passed on to the world, and everyone voluntarily cooperated fully. At the same time, Madam Nishang has guarded Yin Wenlan for a long time, and finally has its new owner. The Shanchuan sword should have been passed on to Yin Pei, but at the moment this person is not worthy of virtue, and Mrs. Nishang thought about going and handed it to Wu Chuchu.

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