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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 14 Recap

Yang Ke knew that Zhu Suosuo was about to be fired, so he decided to intercede with Ye Jinyan. Zhu Suosuo was pleased that he came to Jingyan Group not long ago. Yang Ke gave many beautiful things, so he thanked him for taking care of himself.

That night, Zhu Suosuo and Jiang Nansun had a drink together. Jiang Nansun didn’t actually hate Zhang Anren, but he hated that it takes two years to see a person clearly. Zhu Suosuo hated Zhang Anren for not helping Jiang Nansun. It happened that at this time Fan Jingang called. Zhu Suosuo was unhappy because of his dismissal. After connecting, he deliberately spoke in a weird manner. However, Ye Jinyan’s voice came from the phone, and he asked Zhu Suosuo to lock him at Jiang Nansun’s home on Fuxing Road.

Zhang Anren came to explain to Jiang Nansun that Jiang Nansun was angry that he always calculated, but what he wanted in his heart was desperate. Zhang Anren mentioned that there will be a lecture on the weekend, and Daniel, who he likes, will attend. He hopes that Zhu Suosuo can accompany him to attend, so as to stop everyone’s rumors. Jiang Nansun didn’t expect Zhang Anren to be so snobbish, so he gave Yuan Yuan’s previous IOU to him and asked him to return Yuan Yuan’s tuition to himself.

Zhu Suosuo led Ye Jinyan to look at the old house, wondering why he wanted to look at the house. Ye Jinyan mentioned Dai Qian to explain to himself the situation of the Jiang family, so he wanted to buy this house. Knowing that Ye Jinyan intends to buy a house, Zhu Suosuo immediately used all the good vocabulary he had learned from Yang Ke. Ye Jinyan didn’t expect Zhu Suosuo to be so righteous, promising that after buying the house in full, part of the money can be repaid to the bank loan, and the rest will be used as expenses of the Jiang family. Zhu Suosuo was happy that Ye Jinyan helped the Jiang family and couldn’t help crying. Ye Jinyan told Zhu Suosuo before leaving that she had given her the 12C house and asked her to return to the company to work on Monday.

Zhu Suosuo thought that he was about to be transferred to the sales department, so he immediately called Xie Hongzu. Xie Hongzu knew that the 12C house was brought back by Zhu Suosuo, and lamented her ability. Zhu Suosuo thought that Jiang’s house decided to sell it to Xie Hongzu. Ye Jinyan saw through all this. He called to remind Zhu Suosuo not to recommend Jiang’s house to Xie Hongzu to drive up prices. Otherwise, neither the 12C house nor the Jiang’s house would Deal. Zhu Suosuo immediately told Xie Hongzu, claiming that Jiang’s house had been bought by an old fox.

Zhu Suosuo was worried that Xie Zuhong would change his mind temporarily, so he took him to eat supper until they vomited. Xie Hongzu mentioned that the company might be able to sign contracts at night, so Zhu Suosuo contacted the company. After Zhu Suosuo received the confirmed news, he immediately took Xie Hongzu to sign the order and successfully sold the 12C house. Xie Hongzu saw that Zhu Suosuo was different from the girl he knew and hoped that she would be his girlfriend.

Fan Jingang went to Jiang’s house to talk about trading houses, and Jiang’s father wanted to raise the price. Fan Jingang hopes that they will persuade the people on the second floor so that Ye Jinyan can buy the whole building and is willing to raise the price. The next day, Zhu Suosuo asked Yang Ke to help solve the occupants on the second floor. Sure enough, when Yang Ke took action, he could easily handle the matter.

Although Jiang Nansun had a fight with Zhang Anren, he decided to go to school to attend a lecture, but when he arrived at the school, he discovered that Zhang Anren had given his tickets to a friend of the department head. After learning about this, Professor Dong directly brought Jiang Nansun into the auditorium, and hoped that Jiang Nansun would come to him whenever he encountered any problems.

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