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When I Love You

When i love you (Manga)
Other Name: 내가 널 사랑할 때

Genres: manga, romance
Kim Yong-seon, Glyuhyang
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Lee Young, a 32-year-old capable emergency medicine specialist at Sunil University Hospital, is on a blind date for the first time in his life because he cannot overcome the torture of a colleague. I’m not reluctant, but while waiting for a blind date, I unexpectedly encountered Muyeol, who is an elementary school alumnus and currently the chairman of the Sunil Group, a group company of Lee Young’s University Hospital…? Muyeol had a special relationship with Lee Young in elementary school, so Lee Young also kept him in the corner of her heart. But Muyeol has been asking for a free marriage to keep the promise he made 13 years ago. What is the fate of Lee Young and Muyeol…?

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