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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 11 Recap

Because he could not start the investigation from the sales department, Fan Jingang could only use technical means to inquire about the email exchanges between Zhu Suosuo and Yang Ke and retrieve the content, and report the situation to Ye Jinyan. Seeing the content of Zhu Suosuo’s search, Ye Jinyan couldn’t help laughing. Those words were filled with “how much money does Ye Jinyan have” and “how to get rich overnight,” and even Fan Jingang couldn’t stop laughing.

Jiang Nansun collected enough fees for the full-time English class, and immediately asked Yuan Yuan to sign an IOU. In order to have a better future, Yuan Yuan concealed the truth about moving away from Zhang Anren and fabricated a more reliable lie, which made Zhang Anren believe that it was true, and even gave her a thousand yuan for backup.

Yang Ke informed Zhu Suosuo of the time Xie Hongzu had agreed to see the house, and helped her save Xie Hongzu’s mobile phone number as a note for the air-conditioning prince. Zhu Suosuo was curious about Xie Hongzu. Yang Ke believed that Xie Hongzu had no real power, mainly because he had a difficult mother whose strength should not be underestimated.

That night Zhu Suosuo worked overtime alone in the company, and Ye Jinyan bought her favorite food very abnormally. Zhu Suosuo was a little puzzled, and a little curious about why he was so happy during the day, but Ye Jinyan generously expressed that he was grinned by a fool, and then turned and left, leaving Zhu Suosuo confused.

Jiang Nansun was about to face the exam, but she still came to help Yuan Yuan pack her bags. When the two chatted, they mentioned their respective family backgrounds. Yuan Yuan lamented that Jiang Nansun was born in an excellent family, so there has never been anything worth worrying about, and nothing has to be done. Jiang Nansun thought that Yuan Yuan’s appearance made him worry about it, and it was something she had to accomplish by asking her to go.

On the day Yuan Yuan enrolled, it was Zhang Anren who was going to drive her. Unexpectedly, Zhu Suosuo rushed out of breath and offered to send Yuan Yuan to school on the grounds that he was inconvenient to enter the girls’ dormitory. However, after arriving at the school, Zhu Suosuo, taking advantage of Zhang Anren’s absence, whispered to warn her to correct her identity and not to entangle Zhang Anren in the name of the past. Yuan Yuan is a sensible person and knows what Zhu Suosuo’s words mean, so she promised to abide by her duty.

Jiang Nansun was busy reviewing and had no time to take care of other things. On the surface, Zhang Anren seemed to take care of Jiang Nansun’s daily life, but in fact it was to please the dean of the department, so he did not participate in the closing of the design exhibition. Knowing Zhang Anren’s thoughts about staying at home, Jiang Nansun had a worse impression of him. He used to think that Zhang Anren was an upright gentleman, but now he has become a scheming villain.

Even though it is all right to be exquisite and judge the situation, Jiang Nansun doesn’t want Zhang Anren to pretend to be in front of him. At the same time, he is afraid that one day he will be unfamiliar with Zhang Anren and he can’t distinguish his true face. Jiang Nansun hoped that Zhang Anren could be a sincere person, but Zhang Anren only apologized for her response.

The company’s new real estate “Dongli” is about to open. Yang Ke asked Zhu Suosuo to test his knife and asked “air-conditioning prince” Xie Hongzu to see the house in advance. Throughout the whole inspection process, Xie Hongzu had been arguing with his mother on the phone. He refused to accept an arranged marriage, nor would he marry a strange woman in for the family business.

Seeing that Xie Hongzu had no intention of viewing the house, Zhu Suosuo couldn’t help feeling depressed, but he didn’t want to give up easily. That night, Zhu Suosuo stayed alone in the model room and drank, and it happened that Jiang Nansun called and told her about the feeling of helplessness in finding the wrong boyfriend.

After comforting Jiang Nansun, Zhu Suosuo called Xie Hongzu to agree on the time to see the house next time. As soon as the voice fell, Xie Hongzu appeared at the door of the model house with foreign wine. The two were sitting in a model room drinking and talking about their lives. Zhu Suosuo also learned about Xie Hongzu’s growth experience under the control of his mother.

Xie Hongzu promised to pay the deposit to buy a house tomorrow. As soon as he left, Ye Jinyan and Fan Jingang brought the workers to inspect the details of the model house. Ye Jinyan discovered that Zhu Suosuo was drinking with a client in private, and then expressed his dissatisfaction. By the way, she told her father to clear the warehouse as soon as possible, otherwise she might face bankruptcy.

When Jiang Nansun returned home, he happened to see the scene where Jiang’s father called to borrow money, so he learned that Jiang’s father had already lent the car to a friend. But under Jiang’s mother’s persecution, Jiang’s father could only admit that he had resold the car to cover the position.

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