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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 53 Recap

Zhang Liqian returned to Zhang’s family care for worrying about Zhang Qihong’s physical condition, and Zhang Qihong disapproved of Zhang Liqian. Zhang Liqian tried to prove his heart and persuade his father with actions, but was poured cold water, but this bucket of cold water could not stop the plumber CP who was in love. The Lingxiao Restaurant’s cooking package plan is in progress, and the results of the tasting were highly praised by the staff.

Xiaqin asked Tiefu to distribute the restaurant’s cooking packages to the residents and villagers to collect feedback. Unexpectedly, people who ate the cooking bag would have vomiting and diarrhea, suspected of collective poisoning… The Lingxiao Hotel is facing the biggest food safety crisis this time! Tianqin’s battle with Bluffing God and Shancai to rescue Zhao Zimo is also underway.

Tian Qin entertained Zhao Zimo with a table of good food, trying to get him drunk, so that the god of plague could temporarily leave the body. Good fortune and bluffing discussed how to delay the time for Tianqin to rescue the boss. Unexpectedly, Yue Lao, who was half-dead by the god of wealth, appeared and offered plans. The appearance of Yue Lao and the points raised gave everyone confidence. In the Nether Realm like a misty forest, Zhao Zimo’s body is getting weaker and weaker.

With Yue Lao’s intervention, Tian Qin bravely rushed into the underworld to rescue her sweetheart. The tactics of good fortune and bluffing the gods were seen through by the plague god, and the plague god was furious, directly beating the two gods. Tianqin sacrificed herself to save others, and Zimo finally returned to the mortal world smoothly. After a moment of life and death, Zimo and Tianqin hugged each other tightly and decided to protect each other for a lifetime.

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