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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 26 Recap

Jiang Zhenghan’s Hengxia software was exposed on the Internet and caused a disturbance in the industry instantly. Chen Yichuan and others felt strange, thinking that the security software has been tested many times and there is absolutely no possibility of user data. Jiang Zhenghan checked the security software again and added crawlers. He found that more than 2,000 pieces of user data were deliberately stored and leaked out. It was basically the behavior of the navy.

In fact, there was no problem with their security software. Xia Linxi suggested to explain clearly to Rui Teng Company to see if there is any room for recovery. Jiang Zhenghan said that it was unnecessary. Because of this matter, Rui Teng Company tried to separate the relationship with Hengxia Software. The most important thing is to prove that there is no problem with its security software.

Xu Zhili is free to come and go in Lion’s company, and Shi Ying asks him to pay attention to his image. Xu Zhili asked Shi Ying to work as Mr. Zhang’s personal secretary in Rui Teng Company, and did not ask her for her opinion, and could give her special treatment, allowing her to receive double copies of the company from both Lein and Rui Teng. Shi Ying was very angry, saying that she was a member of Lion’s company and Qin Yue had to make arrangements even if she wanted to leave.

It happened that Qin Yue came over and saw that the two were arguing. Xu Zhili told Qin Yue that Mr. Zhang needed Shi Ying as a secretary to see if Qin Yue had any comments. Qin Yue didn’t ask Shi Ying, thinking she might agree to the past, which broke Shi Ying’s heart. Xu Zhili deliberately appeared in front of Shi Ying and said that he was responsible for the leak of Hengxia Software, and also told about the previous affairs of Akevis. He reminded Qin Yue that only by letting Shi Ying come to Mr. Zhang to blow her ears, could Jiang Zhenghan be completely defeated and he would never turn over.

Shi Ying didn’t want to continue listening to the two of them, so she chose to leave the scene. Qin Yue hurried to catch up. He hoped that Shi Ying would not be angry. Shi Ying felt that Qin Yue in front of her was no longer the person she used to like. Qin Yue was no longer just a senior, but in order to achieve his goal, he chose to continue to associate with people like Xu Zhili.

Qin Yue couldn’t explain clearly, he had his own difficulties, but if it was because Shi Ying did not want to be General Secretary Zhang, he could not let Shi Ying pass. Shi Ying resigned decisively, saying that she was no longer a member of Lion’s company. She just didn’t want Qin Yue to continue to be so decadent. She knew that Xu Zhili and Qin Yue had framed Jiang Zhenghan together with Qin Yue, but she expressed the previous incident. There is no way to change, but you can choose to leave.

Jiang Zhenghan saw that the company was struggling. Everyone was staying up late for this. He wanted to dissolve Hengxia Software, but he didn’t give up his business. He just didn’t want everyone to spend time with him here. After all, he was about to graduate from university. , There should be more opportunities to go to better companies. Xia Linxi advised Jiang Zhenghan that all of what everyone did was his own hard work, and he could not deny everyone’s ideas.

Since everyone has refused to accept offers from other companies during this period, it means that everyone has done a good job and followed Jiang Zhenghan and Hengxia’s preparation together, success or failure depends on the individual. Director Zhang suddenly called Jiang Zhenghan and accused him of not pulling Zhang Huaiwu into the water.

Shi Ying was sad inside. She numbs herself by drinking, and Zhuang Fei has been with her. Shi Ying confided that she had done a lot of bad things by using Zhuang Fei indirectly for her own benefit. Zhuang Fei comforted Shi Ying that the past was over, saying that anyone could do something stupid.

Xia Linxi suddenly appeared in front of Qin Yue, it was Shi Ying who asked her to help persuade Qin Yue not to continue. Qin Yue finally figured it out. He contacted Jiang Zhenghan and said that he had helped him meet with the people from Huanchang Company to make up for his previous harm to Jiang Zhenghan. Jiang Zhenghan didn’t take it to heart. He thanked Qin Yue for helping himself when he was young and difficult. Even if he hurt him later, he could write off.

Jiang Zhenghan came to Huanbian, but the secretary deliberately said that Mr. Wang was not available. It turned out that Xu Zhili had already said hello. Jiang Zhenghan rushed to the chairman’s office and cracked his password lock. The chairman of the board gave Jiang Zhenghan an investment invitation letter, hoping that he could perform well at the trade fair, saying that the main investment of Mengchang Company is 10 million yuan. As for whether other companies invest in Hengxia, it depends on the display of Jiang Zhenghan’s team. After Jiang Zhenghan left, the chairman hurriedly called Professor Shi and said that the popularity owed to him had been restored.

Jiang Zhenghan returned to the company, Duan Ning and others collected 1.05 million funds to the company, hoping to help the company temporarily, and everyone will not leave here. When Jiang Zhenghan saw that everyone was so enthusiastic and told him about the ten million investment invitation letter, everyone was very excited.

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