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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 25 Recap

Chen Yichuan came to the library and secretly followed Gu Xiaoman. Seeing that she was particularly sad, he thought that Duan Ning was bullying her. Duan Ning happened to be talking to the girl at the gate of the library. Chen Yichuan, indiscriminately, gave Duan Ning a fist and called him a scumbag, saying that he had failed Gu Xiaoman. No matter how Duan Ning explained, Chen Yichuan didn’t believe it, but fortunately Gu Xiaoman came out to stop it.

Xia Linxi talked to Gu Xiaoman, and told her not to use Duan Ning to get angry with Chen Yichuan, otherwise it would be unfair to them. Gu Xiaoman confessed that he was not with Duan Ning, but never told everyone. Jiang Zhenghan accused Chen Yichuan of liking Gu Xiaoman, but he didn’t tell the truth about it, and he was angry with Duan Ning. Gu Xiaoman didn’t believe that Chen Yichuan played Duan Ning for her own sake. Xia Linxi asked her to continue to capture Chen Yichuan.

Chen Yichuan didn’t know how to please Gu Xiaoman. He expressed that he wanted to return what he owed Gu Xiaoman to her, and hoped that Jiang Zhenghan would help him speak nicely. Jiang Zhenghan believed that the confession must be done by himself to show sincerity. Hearing Chen Yichuan calling his brother-in-law, Jiang Zhenghan helped Chen Yichuan come up with an idea.

Chen Yichuan came to the girls’ dormitory downstairs to wait for Gu Xiaoman, and gave her a footbath and health pack, hoping that Gu Xiaoman would have a good sleep after using it. Gu Xiaoman said that she didn’t need it. Chen Yichuan took out the ceramic rabbit she made and gave it to her. Gu Xiaoman was a little touched when she saw it, but she still got angry and said she didn’t like it, and then turned back to the dormitory.

Standing downstairs in the girls’ dormitory, Chen Yichuan confessed to Gu Xiaoman loudly. He said that he was the rabbit in “Edward’s Wonderful Journey”. Before he experienced wandering, he didn’t understand love, sorrow and joy, and pretended to be himself. Extraordinary people. It wasn’t until he met a girl like Gu Xiaoman who had always cared for him and loved him, that he realized that the one he liked was Gu Xiaoman. Chen Yichuan apologized loudly to Gu Xiaoman.

He wanted to make up for the grievances Gu Xiaoman had suffered before, and hoped that Gu Xiaoman would give himself another chance. The girls upstairs were cheering for Chen Yichuan. Gu Xiaoman was touched by these words in the dormitory. She went downstairs to accept Chen Yichuan’s ceramic rabbit.

When Shi Ying went to Qin Yue Company for an internship, Gu Xiaoman and Chen Yichuan had a sweet love for the entire college time, and they were in their junior year. Xia Lin finally had a living allowance, but Xia’s father asked her to think about her future life. Tidi, the most powerful company in the programming circle, invited Jiang Zhenghan to work interviews. Jiang Zhenghan said that he did not consider it. Xia Linxi felt that this opportunity was a rare opportunity, but Jiang Zhenghan told her that she wanted to start a business and to make her own security intelligence software. Xia Linxi was very supportive and gave her 20,000 yuan to Jiang Zhenghan.

Xia Linxi helped Jiang Zhenghan rent a studio. When Jiang Zhenghan was recruiting at the school branch, he was spotted by Gu Xiaoman and others. Everyone expressed their support for Jiang Zhenghan and prepared to help him start a business for free. Duan Ning and Chen Yichuan can do technical work, Gu Xiaoman takes the initiative to do publicity and planning, Zhang Huaiwu only likes to do logistics support, and Chu Qiuyan can do financial work.

Jiang Zhenghan was worried that Chu Qiuyan would work in her own company, and Xu Zhili would not know it well. Xia Linxi saw the clues, and only then knew that the secret agents of Akves Company were Mr. Cao and Xu Zhili. Chu Qiuyan accidentally heard this. Jiang Zhenghan’s company opened, named Hengxia Software Company, which means that he always loves Xia Linxi.

Jiang Zhenghan’s software is officially launched, and he is going to seek investment from Rui Teng Company. Chu Qiuyan mentioned that investment requires a patent application, and she already knows what Xu Zhili did to Jiang Zhenghan. Jiang Zhenghan and Xia Linxi both believed in Chu Qiuyan. They heard that Xu Zhili would also participate in this investment meeting. They didn’t want Chu Qiuyan to affect his feelings because of company affairs.

Jiang Zhenghan’s team came to Ruiteng Company and saw Xu Zhili and others. Xu Zhili used a patent certificate against Jiang Zhenghan. At the critical moment, Chu Qiuyan came to the scene with a patent application, allowing Jiang Zhenghan to successfully obtain a 5 million investment from Rui Teng Company. Xu Zhili was surprised, but he would not let it go. Everyone changed Jiang Zhenghan’s name to Mr. Jiang and looked forward to the official launch of the security software. However, it was unexpected that the Internet suddenly broke out that Jiang Zhenghan’s security software had a data leak of 5000 people.

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