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Voice in the Rain เสียงรักในสายฝน Episode 5 – 10 Review

Episode 5

When the replacement of Tantai And the existence of Rarin To anger a fan She has become a threat that destroys their privacy. Their lives were in danger. And the secret might not be a secret anymore.

Episode 6

“While Tan Tai became famous And the image began to be positive He found that Primrose was having some trouble with the director. Rarin also found that her work style and Rainbow were shockingly similar. Leading to the questioning The craftsmanship she has always been proud of, is that the real thing? “

Episode 7

“Porsche returned again to propose to marry and Tantai knows that Porsche is more suited to Rarin than he can not compare. Therefore willing to step aside for good But in the end Rarin was unable to accept Porsche’s love. And choose to stay with Tan Tai As for Porsche, it has failed to establish an irreversible relationship with Moy. “

Episode 8

“Porsche woke up to find that he had lost his … to mind. Even though the other party doesn’t think anything But Port felt that he was responsible for the gays, if on the other hand he still thought, but Rarin never stopped. This made him very distracted. Rarin and Tantai traveled to Rarin’s mother at Khao Yai. Where they had a good time And learned a lot Including knowing the source of the power in the rain “

Episode 9

When the rainbow wakes up With her memories gradually restored, Rarin tried to distance herself instead of Tai. Because she was afraid that if the fact that she designed the same clothes as if copied the rainbow would be red May unknowingly destroy Tantai and Rarin’s relationship.

Episode 10

“Tantai tried to find out if Rarin copies the style of Rung’s clothing. Although at one heart, he still couldn’t believe and hesitated. But at that moment, something happened to the primrose. When Primrose resists the director, he threatens to expose her blackmail. Primrose asks Tantai for help. Tantai planned to betray the director. With the help of Porsche Primrose Thanks Tantai Tantai sees Primrose daring to face the truth, even if it hurts. So he decided to open Rarin’s notebook and found that Rarin actually copied the clothes of Rung. “

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